Hugo Duarte

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Hugo Duarte
Born (1968-08-09) August 9, 1968 (age 48)
Rio De Janeiro
Nationality Brazil
Height 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
Weight 240 lb (110 kg; 17 st)
Style Luta Livre
Team Hugo Duarte Luta Livre
Rank Black belt in Luta Livre
Years active 1995-2000
Mixed martial arts record
Total 9
Wins 6
By submission 5
By disqualification 1
Losses 3
By knockout 3
Mixed martial arts record from Sherdog

Hugo Duarte is a former mixed martial artist, practitioner of Luta Livre, and Vale Tudo specialist.[1][2] Hugo Duarte was born on August 8, 1968.[1] He was a protege of Marco Ruas.[3] Hugo had the reputation as one of the best Brazilian heavy weight fighters during his time.

Early Years Luta Livre[edit]

Hugo Duarte is also famous for his beach fight in Rio against Rickson Gracie.[4] Hugo Duarte at the age of 20, was famously confronted by Rickson Gracie and his friends on at Pepe beach[5] in Brazil in 1988.[6] Rickson arrived with 50 followers to the beach.[7] This crowd included Rodrigo Vaghi[8] and Renzo Gracie. Rickson was 30 at the time was offered a hand shake by Duarte.[7] Rickson proceeded to slap Hugo in the face and a fight started.[9] There were allegations that Rickson threw sand into Hugo's face and then farted on him repeatedly as he held him down.[10] Other allegations were that jiujitsu practitioners were kicking Duarte during the fight.[7] After the fight, Hugo Duarte went to the Gracie Academy with a number of people to confront Rickson.[5] The result was the same with Rickson winning this time in a parking lot.[5] They would have disdain for each other for years.[10] The fight was taped by a few individuals including a tourist.[11] The Gracie family would go on to market the taping of this event in their self-defense videos.[7] The video of the fight was edited and made to show that Rickson Gracie dominated the fight (which included Duarte's knees to Rickson's body.[4] The tape was especially used in America.[4] Hugo would go on to coach the likes of Eugenio Tadeu.

Mixed Martial Arts[edit]

He competed in the Heavyweight division. Hugo, Johil de Oliveira, and Eugenio Tadeu are amongst the most notable representatives of the Luta Livre style that was famous for opposing against Brazilian jiu-jitsu in the Vale Tudo events held in Brazil.[12] Hugo had the reputation as one of the best Brazilian heavy weight fighters during his fighting era. One of his two most recognized matches was in the UFC against Tank Abbot where he lost by some heavy punches to the head region in 43 seconds,[13] and which was refereed by Big John McCarthy.[14] In the fight, Tank repeatedly hit Hugo in the back of the head, which should have earned him a disqualification.[15] The second was in PRIDE against Mark Kerr where he stated in an interview that he had gassed out and suffered a broken foot via foot stomp from Mark Kerr. Duarte would leave the ring any time the fighters were about to engage.[16] and his corner would throw in the towel with the fight ruled a TKO.[17] He lost his last fight at 2H2H 1 - 2 Hot 2 Handle against Bob Schrijber on March 5, 2000. Duarte is considered to be an MMA bust despite his record.[17][18] A tournament Copa Hugo Duarte is named in his honor for being key in the spreading wrestling to the Amazon.[19]

Mixed martial arts record[edit]

Res. Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Loss 6-3 Bob Schrijber TKO (punches) 2H2H 1 - 2 Hot 2 Handle March 5, 2000 1 3:34 Netherlands
Win 6-2 Mikhail Avetisyan DQ (eye gouging) WVC 8 - World Vale Tudo Championship 8 July 1, 1999 1 1:51 Havana Beach Club, Aruba
Loss 5-2 Mark Kerr TKO PRIDE 4 October 11, 1998 3 2:32 Tokyo, Japan
Loss 5-1 Tank Abbott TKO (strikes) UFC 17 May 15, 1998 1 0:43 Alabama, United States
Win 5-0 Steve Seddon Submission (rear naked choke) WFF - World Fighting Federation February 14, 1997 1 0:31 Alabama, United States
Win 4-0 Harold Howard Submission (punches) UVF 3 - Universal Vale Tudo Fighting 3 August 14, 1996 1 0:29 Tokyo, Japan
Win 3-0 Gerry Harris Submission (punches) UVF 2 - Universal Vale Tudo Fighting 2 June 24, 1996 1 0:08 Brazil
Win 2-0 Dieusel Berto Submission (kimura) UVF 1 - Universal Vale Tudo Fighting 1 April 5, 1996 1 1:28 Japan
Win 1-0 Marcelo Raul Submission (strikes) GCVT 2 - Gaisei Challenge Vale Tudo 2 October 8, 1995 1 0:20 Brazil


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