Hugo Eberhard Kratz von Scharfenstein

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Hugo Eberhard von Cratz von Schraffenstein

Hugo Eberhard Kratz von Scharfenstein (1591–1663) was the Prince-Bishop of Worms from 1654 to 1663.[1]


Hugo Eberhard Graf Kratz von Scharfenstein was born in Engers in 1591.[1]

He became canon (Domherr) of the Cathedral of Trier in 1602, of Mainz Cathedral in 1604, and of Worms Cathedral in 1608.[2] In 1629, he became cantor of Mainz Cathedral.[2] He was a member of the Mainz privy council from 1645 to 1647.[2]

On May 18, 1654, the cathedral chapter of Worms Cathedral elected him to be the new Prince-Bishop of Worms, though it was not until June 26, 1662 when the appointment was confirmed by Pope Alexander VII.[1]

He died on January 8, 1663.[1]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Georg Anton von Rodenstein
Prince-Bishop of Worms
Succeeded by
Johann Philipp von Schönborn