Hugo Erdmann

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Hugo Erdmann
Born (1862-05-08)8 May 1862
Preußisch Holland, Province of Prussia
Died 25 June 1910(1910-06-25) (aged 48)
Müritzsee, German Empire
Residence Germany
Nationality German
Known for Volhard-Erdmann cyclization
Scientific career
Doctoral advisor Jacob Volhard

Hugo Wilhelm Traugott Erdmann (8 May 1862 – 25 June 1910) was the German chemist who discovered, together with his doctoral advisor Jacob Volhard, the Volhard-Erdmann cyclization. In 1898 he was the first who coined the term noble gas (the original noun is Edelgas in German).[1]

Erdmann invented the name Thiozone in 1908, hypothesizing that S3 made up a large proportion of liquid sulfur.[2]


Books written by Erdmann:

  1. Hugo Erdmann (2009-01-31). Introduction to Chemical Preparations. BiblioLife. ISBN 978-0-559-91368-6. 

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