Hugo II, Whodunit?

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Hugo II, Whodunit?
Hugo II, Whodunit? splash screen.png
Developer(s)Gray Design Associates
Publisher(s)Gray Design Associates
Designer(s)David Gray (coder)
SeriesHugo Edit this on Wikidata
Platform(s)DOS, Windows

Hugo II, Whodunit? is an adventure game released for DOS in 1991. It is the sequel to 1990's Hugo's House of Horrors, and is followed by 1992's Hugo III, Jungle of Doom!


In the game, the player controls Hugo's girlfriend, Penelope, who must investigate Uncle Horace's mysterious murder and Hugo's disappearance during a romantic getaway at her uncle's mansion.


The player moves Penelope around by using the arrow keys on the keyboard, and controls her actions by entering commands on the keyboard (or, in the later-released Windows version, one can use the mouse). The game is noted for having several puzzles that can only be solved by restarting (for example, if a matchbox gets wet, the only way to complete the game is to start over, but the only way to know that is to reach the point where you cannot proceed).


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