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Hugo Ricciardi O'Neill, 6th Viscount of Santa Mónica (born 7 March 1939 in Lisbon, Encarnação) is the current head of a branch of the O'Neill dynasty of Clanaboy, whose family has been in Portugal since the 18th century.


His Portuguese residence is his Quinta das Machadas de Cima, at São Julião Parish, in Setúbal. He is a Dr. Licentiate and an Autonomous Consultant and a MA Honoris Causa by the National University of Ireland, Galway[citation needed], and he is the Chairman of The Standing Council of Irish Chiefs and Chieftains.[1] He is also the representative of the title of Viscount of Santa Mónica, in Portugal.

Marriage and issue[edit]

Hugo Ricciardi O'Neill married at the Chapel of the Quinta do Bonjardim, in Belas, Sintra, on 10 October 1962 his cousin Rosa Maria de Sousa Coutinho Empis (born Lisbon, Mercês, 2 February 1936), daughter of Raúl Júlio Empis[2] and wife Dona Luísa Olga Burnay de Sousa Coutinho.[3] They had four children:

  • Luísa Empis O'Neill (born Lisbon, Prazeres, 30 January 1964), married Chapel of the Quinta das Machadas, São Julião, Setúbal, 10 July 1987 Pedro Joaquim de Sousa Alvim Calado Cortes (born Lisbon, São Domingos de Benfica, 12 August 1963), Agricultural Engineer from the Instituto Superior de Agronomia of the University of Lisbon, first-born son of Sérgio Alexandre Nunes Calado Cortes and had three children
  • Catarina Empis O'Neill (born Lisbon, Prazeres, 13 January 1965), married Chapel of the Quinta das Machadas, São Julião, Setúbal, on 7 March 1992 Pedro Maria da Câmara Pina de Sousa Mendes (born Lisbon, São Jorge de Arroios, 23 March 1965), Licentiate in Management, second son of Dr. José da Mata de Sousa Mendes,[4] and wife Maria Leonor Mayer da Câmara Pina,[5] and had six children
  • Maria Ana Empis O'Neill (born Lisbon, Prazeres, 17 January 1966), married Chapel of the Quinta das Machadas, São Julião, Setúbal, 29 June 1991 Luís de Freitas Branco de Sá da Bandeira, son of José Maria de Castro e Almeida de Sá da Bandeira,[6] and wife Clara de Freitas Branco,[7] and had six children.
  • Jorge Maria Empis O'Neill (born Lisbon, São Domingos de Benfica, 6 August 1970), Licentiate in Management and Marketing by the I.A.D.E., heir apparent to his father, married Chapel of the Quinta das Machadas, São Julião, Setúbal, 8 June 1996 Rita Barradas Teixeira Santos, later divorced, and had issue, an only daughter:
    • María Ana Teixeira Santos O'Neill.

Rosa María O'Neill died on 9 February 2005. Hugo O'Neill married secondly at Quinta das Machadas, in Setubal, on 17 June 2008, Carmen Caro Cebrián (born 2 April 1947, Zaragoza, Spain) daughter of Aníbal Caro Román and wife María Felicidad Cebrián Causapé.


Descent from O'Neill Sovereign[edit]

1. Hugo Riccardi O'Neill
2. Jorge Maria O'Neill
3. Hugo José Jorge O'Neill
4. Jorge Torlades O'Neill II
5. Jorge Torlades O'Neill I
6. José Maria O'Neill
7. Carlos O'Neill
8. João O'Neill
9. Conn Ó Néill
10. Féilim Ó Néill
11. Ever Ó Néill
12. Féilim Ó Néill
13. Constantine Ó Néill
14. Daniel Ó Néill
15. Murtagh Ó Néill, Prince of Clanaboy
16. Brian O'Neill, Prince of Clanaboy

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