Hugo Süchting

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Hugo Süchting
Full name Hugo Süchting
Country German Empire German Empire
Born (1874-10-08)October 8, 1874
Died December 27, 1916(1916-12-27) (aged 42)

Hugo Süchting (Suechting) (8 October 1874 in Brackrade – 27 December 1916 in Valluhn) was a German chess player.

He won at Kiel 1893 (the 8th DSB Congress, Hauptturnier)[1] took 13th at Leipzig 1894 (the 9th DSB-Congress, Siegbert Tarrasch won), shared 2nd with Ignatz von Popiel, behind Robert Henry Barnes, at Eisenach 1896 (the 10th DSB-Congress), and took 15th at Berlin 1897 (Rudolf Charousek won).[2] He played also in quadrangular tournaments; took 2nd (Altona 1897), and twice shared 1st (Elmshorn 1898, Kiel 1900).

In the 20th century, he tied for 14-15th at Hannover 1902 (the 13th DSB-Congress won by Dawid Janowski), won at Hamburg 1903, tied for 8-9th at Coburg 1904 (the 14th DSB-Congress, Curt von Bardeleben, Carl Schlechter and Rudolf Swiderski won), tied for 11-12th at Barmen 1905 (Géza Maróczy and Janowski won), tied for 5-6th at Stockholm 1906 (Ossip Bernstein and Schlechter won), tied for 18-19th at Ostend 1907 (Bernstein and Akiba Rubinstein won), tied for 13-14th at Prague 1908 (Oldřich Duras and Schlechter won), tied for 16-18th at Vienna 1908 (Duras, Maróczy and Schlechter won), tied for 6-7th at Düsseldorf 1908 (the 16th DSB-Congress, Frank Marshall won),[3] and tied for 14-16th at Carlsbad 1911 (Richard Teichmann won).[4]

He won two matches against Paul Saladin Leonhardt (2.5 : 1.5) and Carl Carls (2 : 1), both at Hamburg 1911, and drew a match with Leonhardt (2 : 2) at Hamburg 1912.[5]


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