Hugues Delorme

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Hugues Delorme
Hugues Delorme.jpg
Born Georges Amédée Armand François-Thiébost
(1868-04-10)10 April 1868
Avize, Marne, France
Died May 20, 1942(1942-05-20) (aged 74)
Nationality French
Occupation Poet, comedian, playwright and journalist

Hugues Delorme (10 April 1868 - 20 May 1942) was a French poet, comedian, playwright and journalist.


Hugues Delorme was born on 10 April 1868 at Avize in the department of Marne with the name of Georges Thiebost. He first lived in Rouen where he worked as a journalist for several years before moving to Paris. From 1896 he frequented the cabarets of Montmartre and became a poet, humorist, playwright and actor. He was well known at Le Chat Noir cabaret.[1] He joined Gardénia, a theatrical and artistic circle founded by Paul Fabre.[2]

Hugues Delorme was very tall and slender, and was nicknamed La Voltige. He participated with Paul Delmet, Gaston Montoya, Jacques Ferny and Marcel Legay in creating popular or sentimental songs that were mainly sung in the cabarets of Montmartre. Delorme was an editor of the journal Le Courrier français. He wrote two books about cartoonists, one about Georges Goursat (Sem) and the other about Carlègle (pseudonym of Charles Émile Egli). These two books were published in Paris in 1939.[3]

Delorme also wrote numerous plays, one-act pieces, reviews and some comedies and novels. He works were performed at neighborhood theaters and at café-concerts such as Le Coup de minuit. During his lifetime, he was best known for his classical poetry in octosyllables. His poetry was widely published in various periodicals, but hardly any of it was published in collections.[1]

Delorme died in 20 May 1942 and lies in the 89th division of the Père Lachaise Cemetery. His tomb is decorated with the inscription:[1]

"How sweet when you are old
To love one who loves you ... "





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