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Huitaca (goddess)

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Witchcraft, sexual liberation,
arts, dance, music and Moon
Member of Muisca religion
Huitaca was cursed by Bochica
and turned into a white owl
Other namesXubchasgagua
RegionAltiplano Cundiboyacense
Ethnic groupMuisca
Greek equivalentHecate
Roman equivalentMorta
Slavic equivalentMarzanna
Hindu equivalentMara

Huitaca or Xubchasgagua was a rebelling goddess in the religion of the Muisca.[1] The Muisca and their confederation were a civilization who inhabited the Altiplano Cundiboyacense in the Andes. Huitaca has been described by the chroniclers Juan de Castellanos in his Elegías de varones ilustres de Indias,[2] Lucas Fernández de Piedrahita[3] and Pedro Simón.[4]

Spellings and names[edit]


Huitaca was the goddess of arts, dance and music,[5][6] witchcraft, sexual liberation and the Moon.[7] According to the Muisca legends Huitaca was a goddess of extreme beauty who praised a life full of joy, games, pleasure and drunkenness who was rebelling against the patriarchal Bochica upon which he turned her into a white owl.[1]

Some chroniclers state Huitaca was another name for Moon goddess Chía[8][9] or Bachué, mother goddess of the Muisca.[7]

Huitaca in modern art[edit]

Sculptor Julia Merizalde Price has made a sculpture honouring Huitaca, picturing her after the curse of Bochica.[10]
Photographer Carlos Saavedra has made an exposition showing different indigenous women of Colombia in his search for Huitaca.[11]

Named after Huitaca[edit]

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