Hujra Shah Muqeem

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حُجره شاه مُقِيم
Hujra Shah Muqeem
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Okara
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Hujra Shah Muqeem (Urdu: حُجره شاه مُقِيم‎), is a town in Depalpur Tehsil of Okara District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is part of Depalpur Tehsil and is administratively subdivided into 3 Union Councils.[1] The town is the site of an historic Gurudwara.[2]


Many Muslim saints have come to preach in this area.

Bahawal Sher Kalandar[edit]

Popularly known as Bahawal Sher Kalandar, his original name was Syed Bahauddin Jilani. He migrated from Baghdad a city of Iraq to the Indian subcontinent with his father Syed Mehmood and paternal aunt. Of the Qadiriyya saints, he lived the longest life and hence, contributed to preaching the message of the Qadri order for more than a decade. According to Mufti Ghulam Sarwar, he lived up to 240 years and died on the 18th Shawal 973 H (1566 AD). He was then buried in Hujra Shah Muqeem.[3] Syed jalal ud din Gillani (Masoom Pak)Son of Bahawal sher qalander tomb also in hujra shah muqeem..His other three sons Shah Noor Muhammad,Shah Muhammad,Shah Khalil Muhammad also buried in hujra shah muqeem.Syed Muhkimuddin Shah Muqeem(grandson of Hazrat Bahawal Sher Qalander) after whom the town is named was one of his renowned descendants. His genealogy is as follows

  1. Syed Muhkimuddin Muhammad Muqeem
  2. Syed Abdul Mu’ali
  3. Syed Nuruddin
  4. Syed Bahauddin Jilani (Bahawal Sher Qadri)
  5. Syed Mehmood
  6. Syed Alauddin
  7. Syed Masihuddin
  8. Syed Sadruddin
  9. Syed Zaheeruddin
  10. Syed Momin
  11. Syed Mushtaq
  12. Syed Imaduddin Abi Saleh Nasr
  13. Syed Tajuddin Abdul Razzaq
  14. Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani

Many aauliyas buried in Hujra shah muqeem..

Hazrat Bari Imam and Hazrat Pira Shah Ghazi Qalander murshid Hazrat Shah Ameer Ali Gillani known as Bala Peer,who was gadi nasheen of Darbar Gah Aaliya Hazrat Bahawal Sher Qalander also buried in Hujra Shah Muqeem.Hazrat Sultan Bahu also got faiz from Hazrat Shah Ameer Ali Gillani and gave the title of Sultan ul Arifeen to Hazrat Sultan Bahu.

A great Poet and Sufi Saint Mian Muhammad Bakhsh & Shah Anayat Qadri(Murshid of Baba Bulleh Shah kasuri) also got faiz from Darbar Gah Aaliya Hazrat Bahawal Sher Qalander (R.A) and Hazrat Shah Muqeem (R.A) Hujra Shah Muqeem.

A great Sufi saint Hazrat Sakhi Khiwa Imam Gillani (grandson of Hazrat Bahawal Sher Qalander) and his two sons Syed Noor Shah Gillani and syed jadday Shah Gillani also buried in Hujra Shah Muqeem.

Basic Facilities[edit]

Transport services are provided to people via local buses and van's operating from the Local Bus station to nearby cities( Okara, Depalpur, Private taxis also operate in the town .Transport to adjoining villages and settlements are provided by Rickshaw which operate from the stands, from Hujra Mor to Town Center & Jhujh Khurd Rikshaw Stop to Shamsabad & Dhuliana. There are separate Government run Boys and Girls High Schools in the City and a Govt. Degree College for Women apart from numerous private institutions . Health care services are provided by the Govt. run Hospitals and Basic Health Care Units.



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Coordinates: 30°44′N 73°49′E / 30.733°N 73.817°E / 30.733; 73.817