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Huka huka fight Kuarup ceremony.jpg
Huka-huka fight during a Kuarup ceremony
Hardnesscontact sport
Country of originBrazil

Huka-huka is a Brazilian folk wrestling style of the indigenous people of Xingu, in the state of Mato Grosso. It is performed as a ritual fight during the ceremony of Kuarup.[1]


Huka-huka starts with theon their knees. It begins when the owner of the fight, a male chief, walks to the center of the arena and calls his opponents by name. The fighters kneel rotating clockwise in a circle facing the opponent, until they look at each other and cling, trying to lift the opponent and knock him to the ground[2] The fight is performed by either men and women.[3]

Huka huka as a martial art[edit]

Huka huka is being introduced, experimentally, in the formation of São Paulo State Military Police.[4] The fight is also being studied by mixed martial arts practitioners.[5]


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