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Huldreslåt - October 2011
Background information
Origin Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genres Nordic Folk
Years active 2006–present
Website Official Website

Huldreslåt is a Scandinavian Folk band that was born not in Scandinavia but in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the year 2006. The musicians devote themselves to the study of the vast musical legacy of Northern Europe. Their work consists in taking melodies that hail from Scandinavia to perform them at their discretion, based on the musical formation of each member of the project. Furthermore, it is notable to mention that they do not leave the musical heritage of the Slav and Baltic countries aside, but include several tunes from these so rich in culture and history regions.

Band members[edit]

  • Martín Fuchinecco - Fiddle, Kantele, Accordion, Säckpipa, Guitar, Nyckelharpa.
  • Sergio F. Ribnikov - Vocals, Guitar & EADGBE Guitar, Irish Bouzouki, Härjedalspipa, Vevlira.
  • Johanna Gunnarsson - Vocals, Mungiga, Kulning.

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