Oldham Hulme Grammar School

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Hulme Grammar School
Hulme Grammar School (logo).png
Motto Fide Sed Cui Vide (Trust But See Whom)
Established c. 1611 as Oldham Grammar School
Type Grammar school
Independent school
Head Mr. Craig Mairs
Location Chamber Road
Greater Manchester
Coordinates: 53°31′47″N 2°07′25″W / 53.5298°N 2.1236°W / 53.5298; -2.1236
Local authority Oldham
DfE URN 105745 Tables
Students 1,046
Gender Separate (11-16)
Co-educational (16+)
Ages 3–18
Houses Assheton, Booth-Platt, Hulme, Lees
Colours Navy Blue & Gold         
Website www.hulme-grammar.oldham.sch.uk

Oldham Hulme Grammar School, formerly Hulme Grammar School, is an independent grammar school in Oldham, Greater Manchester, England.


The school was founded in the 19th century under the Endowed Schools Act 1869. The foundation of the school followed some time after an earlier Oldham Grammar school, dating from 1611, became defunct. Hulme Grammar School sometimes claims to have been founded in 1611, though the claim to be a continuation of this earlier school is contentious. When the school was founded it obtained some money from a charitable trust created in 1691 by a bequest from William Hulme, after whom the school is named. The school was a direct grant grammar school from 1946 until 1976. It reverted to independence with the phasing-out of the Direct Grant scheme, and is now an independent school which selects its students by an interview. The main buildings were erected in 1895 by the Hulme Trust.


The Principal of the Hulme Grammar Schools is Mr. Craig Mairs. Previously the boys' and girls' schools had separate heads. The boys' head, Mr Kenneth Jones, retired in 2006 which resulted in the executive decision by the governors to appoint a new head of both schools. Dr Paul Neeson was appointed as the first principal of Oldham Hulme Grammar Schools. He was affectionately known as "Brain".

Boys and girls are taught separately from the ages of 11 to 16, but there is a joint sixth form. The combined number of pupils is around 1,200.

Both the boys' and girls' schools have associated preparatory schools (in the British sense) for pupils aged 7 to 11 - "Hulme Court" for the year 3 and 4, and "Estcourt" for the year 5 and 6. There is also a mixed kindergarten.

In recent years the number of admissions to the school has been reduced. Thus up to the mid-1990s the school was admitting 120 boys per year;[1] in recent years the number admitted has been in the 90s,[2] though in 2009, 120 were admitted.[3]

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