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Hulterstad is a small coastal town on the southeastern part of the island of Öland, Sweden. Hulterstad is situated at the eastern fringe of the Stora Alvaret, a limestone pavement habitat which hosts a diversity of rare plants and has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.[1] Hulterstad is the municipal government center for this district and central records for centuries were kept at the Hulterstad Church. Significant gravefields and a Viking stone burial ship structure are located immediately south of Hulterstad. To the north is located the village of Alby, where a mesolithic village of early human settlement has been found,[2] and to the south is the Ottenby Nature Reserve. Across the alvar to the west is the village of Gettlinge.


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Coordinates: 56°27′N 16°34′E / 56.450°N 16.567°E / 56.450; 16.567