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Hulverstone is a hamlet of about 12 houses on the Isle of Wight on the edge of the English Channel. It has a post office in a private home and the 400-year-old Sun Inn.[1] Sun Inn was used in smuggling operations. There is a school in Hulverstone in a private home that had been a barn before it was converted in the mid-19th century by Charles Seely. According to the Post Office the population of the hamlet at the 2011 Census was included in the civil parish of Brightstone.

There was a Hulverstone farm but it no longer exists. The manor house is still used as a private home, however.

The Chapel Furlong Farm in Hulverstone is the site of a bed and breakfast.

Public transport is provided by Southern Vectis buses on route 12.


  1. ^ Some[specify] claim that the Sun Inn is 600 years old.

Coordinates: 50°39′16″N 1°26′19″W / 50.65444°N 1.43861°W / 50.65444; -1.43861