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Hum Paanch
Hum Paanch.jpg
Written by Imtiaz Patel
Directed by
  • Kapil Kapoor
  • Rajat Rawail
  • Sameer Kulkarni
  • Raju Parsekar
  • Rajan Waghdhare
Opening theme "Hum Paanch"
  • Shreerang Aras
  • Lalit Sen
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 345
  • Ajay Bhave
  • Vikas Sharma
  • Ranie Singh
Running time approximately 30 minutes
Original network Zee TV
Picture format 480i
Original release 1995 – 2006

Hum Paanch (English: "We Five") is an Indian sitcom that first aired in 1995.[1] It ran until 1999. The series returned for a second season in 2005[2] and ran until mid-2006.[3] It is regarded as one of the all-time favourite comedies along with Dekh Bhai Dekh. The lead actors of the show — Ashok Saraf, Vidya Balan, Rakhee Tandon, Bhairavi Raichura, Vandana Pathak — gained overnight stardom and became iconic TV actors.


Hum Paanch is the story of a middle-class white-collar worker, Anand Mathur, who always finds himself in trouble because of his five daughters — Meenakshi, Radhika, Sweety, Kajal, and Chhoti. The three elder daughters are Anand and his first wife's children. The last two are Anand and Bina's daughters.

  • Anand Mathur attended Kallubhai Lallubhai Koylawala Municipal School in his childhood and later on received his B.A. with excellent scores (first class). He works as a sales representative in a medicine factory. Anand Mathur married his second wife, Bina Mathur, on 17 January.
  • Bina Mathur is from a village called Baliya. Her complete name is Binadevi Anandkumar Janardhan Prasad Mathur. When Anand Mathur went to Bina's house for her hand in marriage, his three elder daughters were with him. According to Bina, she married Anand because the three daughters hurt her ego and she wanted to exact revenge on them. Upon seeing her for the first time, Meenakshi compared Bina to a loudspeaker who would create sound pollution in their lives. Radhika saw Bina as actress Mala Sinha portraying an illiterate woman in a movie. Sweety said that Bina would lose the title of Miss Uttar Pradesh, even if Bina was the only contestant. After marrying Anand, Bina fell in love with her stepdaughters and forgot her woes. Later, Bina reveals to her daughters that her first love was Abhi who left her to go work in a diamond mine in Africa which is another reason she married Anand.
  • Meenakshi, the eldest daughter, is a feminist and often dreams big of bringing a change in the society.
  • Radhika is intelligent, nerdy and geeky. She uses a hearing aid and has a habit of bumping into doors, walls, statues, people, etc.
  • Sweety is a beauty without brains, whose sole purpose in life is to get married to Shahrukh Khan and become an actress or a model. She feels that it is only her duty to open the house door whenever the doorbell rings. Sweety has a disciple, Babli, who adores and worships her. Babli is Anand Mathur's boss, Popatlal's daughter. Sweety authored the novel Goddess of Big Things with the help of Babli.
  • Kajal is a tomboy who dresses up as a boy and gets into fist fights with thugs and goons.
  • Chhoti, the youngest, is a gossip-monger. She is hailed as an incarnation of actress Meena Kumari by the people of Baliya and has a temple dedicated to herself.

Together, the five girls plan to do something new in every episode. Anand's first wife, who is dead, speaks to him through her portrait on the living room wall; his second wife, Bina, generally supports the daughters' ideas. The show was a runabout success, helping to establish Zee TV.

When the show returned for a second season, Anand had returned from a long stay in the United States. Meenakshi and Radhika were married, Meenakshi was married to Purush whom she treats as a servant and shouts at. Radhika is married to Daljeet Singh whom the other sister's call 'Pape'. He is a scientist and invents many things which get the girls into trouble. He has a forgetfulness problem — he forgets people's names and basic things. Meenakshi's daughter is known as Damini, and Radhika's daughter's name is Gudiya.[4]


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The Season 3 titled Hum Paanch Phir Se returned on 19 June 2017 on Zee Magic with new cast and new producers.


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