Huma River (Heilongjiang)

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Huma River (呼玛河, Huma he)
The Huma (Houmar) River on a map from (1773), the surrounding region labeled Houmari
Countries People's Republic of China
Province Heilongjiang
Prefecture Greater Khingan
County Huma County
Mouth Amur
 - coordinates 51°37′N 126°42′E / 51.617°N 126.700°E / 51.617; 126.700Coordinates: 51°37′N 126°42′E / 51.617°N 126.700°E / 51.617; 126.700

The Huma River is a right tributary on the northern loop of the Amur River in China's province of Heilongjiang. It starts in the Greater Khingan Mountains and flows in a general eastern and south-eastern direction, parallel and southwest of the Amur, until falling into the Amur in Huma County, at 51°37′01″N 126°41′49″E / 51.617°N 126.697°E / 51.617; 126.697, about 10 kilometres (6 mi) south of Huma County's county seat.[1]

Somewhere near its mouth was the Russian fort of Kumarsk at the time of the Russian–Manchu border conflicts. At the time it was also called "Kamora River" or "Houmar River".


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