Humac tablet

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Humac tablet
Humac tablet

The Humac tablet (Humačka ploča) is one of the oldest literacy monuments from Bosnia and Herzegovina, dated from the 10th/11th century. It is found in the village of Humac near Ljubuški in Herzegovina, containing an inscription in Bosnian Cyrillic script, as well as a few Glagolitic letters. Today it is kept in the museum of the Franciscan monastery in Humac.

The text of the tablet tells about the act of raising a church of the Archangel Michael by Uskrsmir (Krešimir) and his wife Pavica. The tablet is quadrangle in shape (68x60x15 cm), and the inscription is carved in form of a quadrangle in Bosnian Cyrillic among which five Glagolitic letters occur.


(Latin transliteration)
U ime otca i sina i svetago duha. A se crki arhanđela Mihajla, a zida ju K'rsmir' sin Bret', Župi ?run' i ženi jega Pavica.

(English translation)
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. This church of the Archangel Michael was raised by Krsmir, the son of Bret, the Župan (U)run (?) and his wife Pavica.

Transliteration and the interpretation of the text differs among Slavic medievalists and paleographers.[1]


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