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Human Appeal
Human appeal logo18.png
Founded1991; 28 years ago (1991)
Founded atManchester
TypeInternational NGO
  • 1 Cheadle Point, Carrs Road, Cheadle, SK8 2BL, UK
Area served
Key people
CEO: Dr Mohammed Ashmawey,[1] Chair of Trustees: Kamil Zakariyya Omoteso [2]
£59.9 million (2017)[3]
Disbursements£47.44 million (2017)[4]
Expenses£10.6 million (2017)[5]

Human Appeal is a British international development and relief charity based in Manchester. It was established in 1991.[6] It runs targeted poverty relief programmes in emergency response and sustainable development.

In the past, the charity was known as Human Appeal International but was restyled in 2018. It is now known as Human Appeal.[7]


Human Appeal has offices in the UK (Manchester, London, Birmingham and Leicester), France, Spain and Ireland. Although it shares the one founder and organisational name, it is a separate organisation from Human Appeal Australia[8] and Human Appeal UAE.[9]

In 2018, Othman Moqbel was dismissed as chief executive pending investigation. Moqbel says that he plans to appeal.[10]

Memberships and partnerships[edit]

Human Appeal is a member of Bond (the UK membership body for non-governmental organisations working in international development).[11] It is a member of the Muslim Charities Forum.[12]


Since 2011 Human Appeal has been a supporter of Syrian refugees. In February 2018, Human Appeal called for immediate ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta and pointed out the devastating situation of civilians in the area.[13] In early 2016 the Isle of Man donated £30.000 to support Human Appeal’s work on the island of Lesbos which has become a main access point of Syrian refugees arriving in Europe.[14]

In March 2016 Human Appeal completed a three-month project during which four Gaza universities were rebuilt and £227,000 contributed.[15] In August 2017 Human Appeal was awarded over £4.3 million by the UNHCR in order to distribute help in Mosul, Iraq after the liberation from ISIS.[16]

After the floods in North England, the Bradford District Council was supported during the clearing up process in late 2015.[17] In January 2016 Human Appeal worked with the Slough Khidman Community Trust providing winter survival kits.[18] Later that year, in October 2016, Human Appeal announced the Wrap Up Manchester campaign asking the Greater Manchester public to donate unwanted winter coats to help people in need through the cold months.[19] As part of their winter appeal, Human Appeal organised The Comedy Show which toured in December 2016.[20]

Human Appeal was named “Charity of the Year” at the 2017 British Muslim Awards for their achievements and contribution to British society.[21]

In summer 2017, Human Appeal launched an appeal for the victims of the Manchester attack, raising £27,000 in a matter of days.[22] Human Appeal announced that the 2016 Wrap Up Manchester campaign will be repeated during the winter 2017/2018.[23]

Alleged extremist ties[edit]

Human Appeal was included as a Hamas front in a 1996 CIA report on charitable organizations that finance terror.[24] In 2003, the FBI said Human Appeal had a "close relationship" with Hamas. The US state department, in leaked cables from 2003, also associated Human Appeal with Hamas and said that "members of its field offices in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Chechnya had connections to al-Qaeda associates". In 2011, Human Appeal co-hosted events with Raed Salah of the Islamic Movement in Israel and with Haitham al-Haddad. In 2012, after the counter-extremism unit in the Department of Education intervened, they were banned from an event at a Manchester school.[25]

In 2008, Israel listed Human Appeal as a banned association due to links with Union of Good and alleged fundraising for Hamas.[26][27] The Nine Eleven Finding Answers Foundation said Human Appeal, along with other British Muslim charities, was an early participant in the Union of Good, an international network designated a terrorist organisation by the US in 2008.[28] The UK Charity Commission interviewed spoke to involved charities in 2009, confirmed with them they were not members, and closed its investigation.[29]

Alleged links to the funding of terrorism made by the Jewish Chronicle in 2012 were withdrawn and an apology was issued in May 2013 after the allegations were deemed untrue and damages paid.[30]

Awards and nominations[edit]

In 2013, Human Appeal was awarded the International Charity Award at Global Peace and Unity.[31]

In January 2015, Human Appeal was nominated for the Charity of the Year award at the British Muslim Awards.[32]

In January 2017, Human Appeal was awarded Charity of the Year at the British Muslim Awards[33] for their outstanding achievements and contribution to British society.[34]

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