Human Drama

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Human Drama
Human Drama Band.jpg
The World Inside promo photo
Background information
Origin New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Genres Post-punk, gothic rock,[1] dark wave, alternative rock
Years active 1985–2005, 2011-2012
Labels RCA Records
Projekt Records
Noise Kontrol
Opcion Sonica (Mexico)
Triple X
Associated acts Johnny Indovina
Sound Of The Blue Heart
Members Johnny Indovina
Mark Balderas
Michael Ciravolo
Steve Fuxan
Charles Bouis
Michael Mallory
Jamii Szmadzinski
CJ Eriksson
Gerri Sutyak
pt:Carlo Bartolini
Curt Harding

Human Drama is a gothic rock/dark wave band[1][2] led by singer/songwriter Johnny Indovina.[2][3] They are primarily known for playing a mixture of sad acoustic and gothic atmospheric melodies. Although they don't count themselves as being only a gothic band, they are often named so by music critics.

Human Drama (1985 - 2005)[edit]

Human Drama began in New Orleans in 1980 as the Models. Human Drama's musical influences stem from artists such as Joy Division, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, David Bowie, and Leonard Cohen, among others[citation needed]. By 1985 they had relocated to Los Angeles where they changed their name to Human Drama and quickly became prominent in what was at the time the most celebrated and influential music scene in the world[citation needed]. The legendary "Scream Scene" developed around an underground LA club called Scream, and spawned dozens of major label acts, including Guns N' Roses and Jane's Addiction[citation needed].

Human Drama was signed to RCA Records in 1988 and released both an EP, "Hopes, Prayers, Dreams, Heart, Soul, Mind, Love, Life, Death", and an LP, "Feel", a year later. When RCA failed to provide adequate promotional support, Indovina asked for the band's release[citation needed].

Human Drama signed next to Triple X Records, and released "The World Inside" in 1992, which added soft acoustic guitars, flute, and touches of classical violin and cello to their instrumental mix, radically altering the band's sonic presentation. While RCA had promised a video but did not deliver, Triple X did[citation needed]. A video for "This Tangled Web" was directed by long-time friend, roadie and tour manager for the band, Dave Eddy. The album proved so popular that Triple X eventually released a companion six-video compilation which included detailed narration from Johnny Indovina.

Pinups, a collection of cover songs which had influenced Indovina's artistic growth[citation needed] was released in 1993, followed by the simply titled "Human Drama" EP in 1994, and "Songs of Betrayal" in 1995 both on Projekt Records. In 1998 "14,384 Days Later", a live, career-spanning retrospective was released on both Hollow Hills/Triple X and the Mexican Opcion Sonica label. In 1997 Indovina asked Eddy to start putting together a book of Indovina's lyrics, fan thoughts and photos[citation needed]. When Eddy moved to the east coast another long-time friend who had maintained the band mailing list, Megan Ducker, finished the book, titled "My Bag of Secrets...the Words of Human Drama", and was published in 1998. The following year brought "Solemn Sun Setting", the band's seventh album, and in 2000, Triple X released "The Best of Human Drama...In a Perfect World".

Indovina then released "Momentos en el Tiempo", the first live document of his solo acoustic shows. Produced by long-time Human Drama guitarist Michael Ciravolo, the disc was culled from several performances recorded between 1995 and 2000, in such far-reaching venues as Café Bizarro in Mexico City and CBGB's in New York.

The final Human Drama album is “Cause and Effect”, released in the US on Projekt Records, and in Latin America by Noise Kontrol. Human Drama came to an end in 2005.[4]

2005-Present: Post-breakup[edit]

In late 2006, Johnny Indovina released Sound Of The Blue Heart,[5][6] Triple X Records. In an interview, Indovina announced he was working on songs for a second Sound Of The Blue Heart album.[7]

In 2011 Human Drama reunited for one concert in Hollywood, CA.

In 2012 after 8 years, Human Drama performed in Mexico City at the famous Plaza Condesa.