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Human Kinetics (publisher)
Founded 1974
Founder Rainer Martens
Country of origin  United States
Headquarters location Champaign, Illinois
Distribution Worldwide
Key people Brian Holding, CEO
Publication types Books, scientific journals, online and audio-visual materials
Nonfiction topics Physical exercise and kinesiology
Official website

Human Kinetics is a publisher specializing in the physical activity field. Their publications include textbooks and their ancillaries, consumer books and academic journals, online courses, software, and audio-visual products. They are intended for a range of audiences, including college students and professors, personal trainers, rehabilitation specialists, athletes, coaches, physical educators, and nutritionists.

The company is based in Champaign, Illinois, with subsidiaries in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


The firm was founded in Champaign, Illinois in 1974 by Rainer Martens, a kinesiology professor at the University of Illinois. In 2005, Martens sold the firm to his employees as part of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. In 2008, Book Business magazine listed the firm as 8th on their annual listing of “Best Book Companies to Work For.” [1] In 2009,the firm's rank improved to #4.[2]

Today, worldwide revenues top $37 million and, with over 300 employees, HK publishes more products—including books, journals, videos and courses—than any other publisher serving physical activity disciplines.


The American Sport Education Program Division (ASEP) is provides courses and resources for youth, high school, and elite sport education programs in the USA, used by local, state, and national sport organizations; including 40 state high school associations and 200 colleges and universities. Many organizations use them in certifying coaches.

The Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Division produces products and programs in of health, physical education, recreation, and dance. It houses the Aquatics Education Center with resources for on lifeguarding and safety, aquatic exercise and fitness, aquatic management and operations, swim instruction, and aquatic programming.

The Journal Division is a periodical publisher in the physical activity field, producing more than 20 scholarly and professional journals.

The Higher Education and Professional Division publishes textbooks and reference books for scientists, scholars, and professionals in all dimensions of physical activity and sport.

The Consumer Division provides resources for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and college, high school, and youth coaches at all levels and ages. It houses the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) which provides youth, high school, and elite sport education programs in the USA.

Although specializing in instructional resources directly related to sports and fitness the Consumer division group also publishes titles on social issues. Recent books have include Drew Sharp's biography on NBA Hall of Famer/Detroit mayorDave Bing: A Life of Challenge,[3][4] New York Newsday'a Shawn Powell's Souled Out?: How Blacks Are Winning and Losing in Sports[5]",[6] Tim Noakes' book Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sport,[7][8][9][10] and Pat Griffin's Strong Women, Deep Closets: Lesbians and Homophobia in Sport,[11][12]

Corporate relations[edit]

The company contributes to local philanthropic causes in its home town of Champaign-Urbana.,[13][14][15]

It has promoted exercise programs [16] and sports fields [17][18][19]


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