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Human Life International (HLI) is an American-based Roman Catholic activist anti-abortion organization. It describes itself as "the largest international pro-life organization in the world", noting that it has affiliates and associates in over 80 nations worldwide and has sent representatives to approximately 160.[1][2] It has been based in Front Royal, Virginia since 1996.

Human Life International was established in 1981 in Gaithersburg, Maryland by Paul Marx, as a continuation of the Human Life Center founded by Marx at Saint John's University, Minnesota in 1972.[2] Its mission is to train, organize and equip anti-abortion movement leaders - priests, crisis pregnancy centers, civic leaders, radio and television programmers, and family counselors. HLI bases its activism on to Catholic anti-abortion beliefs, which propose that life begins at conception.[3] It also promotes itself as a pioneer in anti-contraception advocacy.[2]

Father Shenan J. Boquet during the Parisian March for Life in 2017.

Shenan J. Boquet assumed the role of president of HLI in November 2011.[2]

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