Human Radio

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Human Radio
Origin Memphis, Tennessee
Genres Rock
Labels Columbia
Past members Ross Rice
Kye Kennedy
Steve Ebe
Steve Arnold
Peter Hyrka

Human Radio is an American rock band originally from Memphis, Tennessee. The group was formed in 1989 by lead singer Ross Rice, and in 1990 they released a self-titled LP on Columbia Records. The single "Me and Elvis" was a hit in the US, reaching #32 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.[1] The band did not want "Me & Elvis" to be their main release, fearing it would give radio audiences the impression that they were a novelty act. Columbia released the song against the band's wishes.

After moving to Nashville, the group broke with Columbia and recorded demos while searching for a new label. The band's concern that the "Me & Elvis" release would prove detrimental to their career proved correct; the album's future release failed to garner attention or airplay. After a disappointing gig at a label showcase, the group broke up.[2] To honor their Memphis roots and fans, Human Radio played a farewell show at The South End in Memphis, the bar where they got their start. Rice went on to record a solo album called Umpteen in 1997. Steve Arnold later went on to tour as a guitarist with Marty Stuart and Travis Tritt on their "Double Trouble" tour.

More recently, the group's Facebook page indicated that they had been "in a room trying to find brand new music together." An October 4th, 2013 entry read, in part:

"Good week in Nashville with Human Radio, getting solid with what we have already, finding some new things in combustion mode. Moving slowly towards an inevitable future."

On May 9th, 2015 the band played a well-received reunion gig at The Basement in Nashville.


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