Human Rights Party (Cambodia)

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Human Rights Party

Kanakpak Sethi Manus
FounderKem Sokha
Founded22 July 2007
Merged intoCambodia National Rescue Party
Membership (2007)200,000–500,000[1]
IdeologyGrassroots democracy[2]
Liberal democracy[2]

The Human Rights Party or (Kanakpak Sethi Manus) is a Cambodian political party founded on 22 July 2007 led by Kem Sokha.[1] Critics allege that its foundation is meant to weaken opposition parties and is driven by the ruling party. This sentiment, however, seems to be driven by the ruling party themselves as Kem Sokha has long been a very vocal critic of the ruling CPP party. At the time of its foundation, the party claimed to have between 200,000 and 500,000 members nationwide.[1]

Human Rights Party is the first party in Cambodia to adopt the check and balance system, changing the culture of one-man-ruling parties, which most parties in Cambodia adopt. It is also the first party in Cambodia to have its major leaders elected in its convention. Its popularity has been dramatically increasing in Cambodia, especially in the countryside.

In the July 2008 parliamentary elections, the ruling party won a landslide majority and the Human Rights Party took third place.

In 2012, it merged with the Sam Rainsy Party to form the Cambodia National Rescue Party.

Electoral performance[edit]

General election[edit]

Election Leader Votes Seats Position Government
# % ± # ±
2008 Kem Sokha 397,816 6.6 Increase6.6
3 / 123
Increase3 Increase 3rd CPPFUNCINPEC

Communal election[edit]

Election Leader Votes Communes Councillors Position
# % ± # ± # ±
2012 Kem Sokha 580,483 9.9 Increase9.9
18 / 1,633
800 / 11,459
Increase800 Increase 3rd


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