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Human Rights Publishers
Country of originRussian Federation, Czech Republic
Publication typesBooks, Journals

Human Rights Publishers is an international publishing group, founded in 2004 by three organizations: Human Rights Publishers, Prague; Izdatelstvo Prava Cheloveka, Moscow; and Izhevsk-based NGO «Redaktsiya zhurnala Pravozaschitnik» (Human Rights Defender journal).

Recent Publications[edit]

  • Ivan Tolstoy. Doctor Zhivago: New Facts and Discoveries from the Nobel Archive (Prague: 2010)
  • Vera Vasilyeva. No Witnesses? Nevzlin Case: Eyewitness Accounts of the Extramural Trial (Prague: 2009)
  • Vera Vasilyeva. The Third Trial of Alexei Pichugin. "Yukos Case" Chronicles (Prague: 2007)
  • Vera Vasilyeva. How Alexei Pichugin was judged: Court reportage (Prague: 2007)
  • Andrey Shary. A Prayer for Serbia. The Secret of Zoran Djindjic’s Death (Prague: 2005)
  • Andrey Shary. The Tribunal. Chronicles Of The Unfinished War (Moscow: 2003)

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