Human Top (David Mitchell)

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Human Top
Human Top (right bottom) appears alongside the Kid Commandos. From The Invaders #28.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Invaders #27 (Apr 1978)
Created by Roy Thomas
Frank Robbins
In-story information
Alter ego David Mitchell
Team affiliations Kid Commandos
Penance Council
Abilities Superhuman agility, reflexes, coordination and balance
Ability to spin like a top at superhuman speeds, focus air currents generated by his rotation into a jet stream and create small tornadoes

The Human Top (David Mitchell) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Publication history[edit]

The Human Top first appeared in Invaders #27-28 (April–May 1978) and was created by Roy Thomas and Frank Robbins.

The character subsequently appears in The Invaders #38-39 (March–April 1979), #41 (September 1979), The Invaders #1 (May 1993), Citizen V and the V-Battalion #2 (July 2001), and Citizen V and the V-Battalion: The Everlasting #1 (March 2002), and #3 (June 2002).

Fictional character biography[edit]

David "Davy" Mitchell was a World War II hero, and member of Kid Commandos. He had the power to spin like a top at super-speed.

During World War II, teenagers David "Davy" Mitchell and Gwenny Lou Sabuki, were present at a stateside battle in which sidekicks Bucky (Bucky Barnes) and Toro (Thomas Raymond) of the superhero team the Invaders fought the supervillain Agent Axis. During the battle, one of Gwenny's father's inventions accidentally gave Gwenny and Davy superhuman powers. She became Golden Girl, and he the Human Top.[1] The four youthful heroes defeated Agent Axis, and later formed the Kid Commandos, who were allied with the adult Invaders.[volume & issue needed]

After the war, he was a member of the Penance Council and V-Battalion.[volume & issue needed]

His son, as Twister, had tried using mechanical means to simulate the powers of the Human Top, but eventually decided to serve the V-Battalion in a scientific capacity.[volume & issue needed] Davy is also the grandfather of Topspin.[volume & issue needed]

In his later years as seen during the "Last Days" part of the Secret Wars storyline, Davy moved into Valhalla Villas, a retirement community for Golden Age heroes and villains that is located in Miami. He and the rest of the retirees were temporarily de-aged and went back into action one last time before the collision between Earth-616 and Earth-1610.[2]

Powers and abilities[edit]

After being exposed to a scientific invention, the Human Top can spin like a top at superhuman speeds. He possesses the ability to rotate his body around its lengthwise axis at great speeds, without impairing his ability to see, speak, or interact with his environment (for instance, pick up objects or change clothes). Although he can rotate at superhuman speeds he can only travel in a straight line for a limited time. He possesses superhuman agility, reflexes, coordination, and balance, and often uses himself as a spinning battering ram. He also has the ability to focus air currents generated by his rotation into a jet stream powerful enough to create a windscreen able to deflect matter. He also has the ability to create small tornadoes.


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