Human Trials

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"Human Trials"
The Outer Limits episode
Episode no.Season 7
Episode 22
Directed byBrad Turner
Written byGrady Hall, Brian Nohr
Production code44
Original air date18 January 2002
Guest appearance(s)

Brent-Karl Clackson,
Glynis Davies,
Dean Marshall,
Kim Coates,
Leanne Adachi,
Lochlyn Munro,
Jason Gedrick

Episode chronology
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"The Human Factor"
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"Human Trials" is an episode of The Outer Limits television series. It first aired on 18 January 2002, and is the final episode of the seventh season and of the series (154th).


This episode is a clip show. Clips appear from the following episodes: "Nightmare", "Hearts and Minds", "The Human Operators", "In the Blood", "Monster", "The Voyage Home", "Tempests", and "Worlds Within".

Opening narration[edit]


Captain Kelvin Parkhurst (Jason Gedrick) has proven himself the best on previous military missions, and now he's agreed to take the toughest test of his life to prove himself the most qualified again. Along with three other equally decorated recruits—Captain Alice Wheeler (Leanne Adachi), Captain William Hinman, and his old rival, Captain Eric Woodward (Lochlyn Munro)—he has been invited by the military to compete for the opportunity for a secret solo mission. The recruits are tested using a Neural Stimulator which transports them into dangerous, challenging and very real situations. Captains Wheeler and Hinman are soon eliminated, leaving only Parkhurst and Woodward to compete for the mission. But as the tests become more extreme, the line between reality and simulation becomes blurred, and winning may no longer be the ultimate goal.

Closing narration[edit]


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