Humanap Ka ng Panget

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Humanap Ka ng Panget
Humanap ka ng Panget.jpg
Directed by Ben Feleo
Starring Andrew E.
Carmi Martin
Nanette Medved
Jimmy Santos
Gelli de Belen
Distributed by Viva Films
Release date
Country Philippines

Humanap Ka ng Panget! (lit. "Look For Someone Ugly") is a 1990 Filipino comedy film directed by Ben Feleo of Viva Films.

It was also a blockbuster comedy film that centered Andrew E. as a Comedy Prince in the 90's Box Office at the time.


The story focuses on the three brothers Andrew E., Jimmy Santos, and Keempee de Leon. They live in the slums of Manila as "bakal-dyaryo-bote" collectors recycling scrap metal, newspapers and empty beverage bottles. Later on, They discover that Jimmy Santos, the ugliest of the three brothers, is the only heir of a rich yet an ugly tycoon in Manila (played by Zorayda Sanchez)who was lucky enough to marry a wealthy man played by Eddie Gutierrez.

Jimmy also took his adopted brothers & adoptive parents with him when his biological parents took him in & it was a stroke of luck for both Andrew (because he became a rap superstar) & Keempee (who was able to go to college, a wish he is longing for).

The film also featured a cameo appearance by Ms. Sharon Cuneta near the ending.