Humanitarian response by national governments to the 2010 Haiti earthquake

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The humanitarian response by national governments to the 2010 Haiti earthquake included numerous national governments from around the world pledging to coordinate and send humanitarian aid to the Haitian people affected by the disaster. OCHA and ReliefWeb are coordinating and tracking this on a daily basis.[1]

However, more than 6 months after the quake, less than 1/10 of the money that was pledged by foreign governments to the United Nations special fund for the Haiti quake was actually received; and of all the nations who pledged money to this fund, as of 20 July 2010, only four had actually sent any of the pledged money: Australia, Brazil, Estonia, and Norway.[2] As detailed below, others have sent supplies and/or personnel instead of money, and/or they pledged or sent money outside of United Nations channels.


  •  Algeria: The Foreign Ministry of Algeria announced that it had allocated US$1 million in emergency humanitarian aid.[3][4]
  •  Benin: President Yayi Boni announced that his government will be organizing aid.[5]
  •  Botswana: The government of Botswana pledged B$1M (US$149,000) to earthquake relief efforts.[6]
  •  Burkina Faso: The government of Burkina Faso pledged €152,000 to relief efforts in Haiti.[7]
  •  Cameroon: The government of Cameroon announced that they would provide an undisclosed amount in financial aid to Haiti on 22 January 2010.[8]
  •  Chad: The government of Chad pledged US$500,000.[9]
  •  Democratic Republic of the Congo: The government of the DRC pledged US$2,500,000 in aid.[10]
  •  Republic of the Congo: The government of the Republic of Congo donated US$1,000,000 to Haitian relief efforts.[11]
  •  Egypt: President Hosni Mubarak directed the allocation of medical supplies and personnel to Haiti.[4][12]
  •  Equatorial Guinea: President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo pledged US$2M of relief aid to Haiti on 16 January 2010 and said in an official statement: "The people of Equatorial Guinea and our government are deeply saddened and concerned by the extreme devastation and loss of life that has occurred in Haiti as a result of this terrible earthquake. We are joining the international community in pledging our support to those affected so they can receive adequate medical care, food, water and shelter in this moment of great need. Although our two countries are separated by an ocean, Equatorial Guinea stands with the victims in Haiti in this time of distress and chaos. We vow our commitment to the recovery efforts in Haiti and strongly encourage all of our international partners and foreign governments to do the same."[13]
  •  Gabon: The government of Gabon announced a pledge of US$1M in aid.[14]
  •  Gambia: Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has pledged US$1M in humanitarian aid.[15]
  •  Ghana: The government of Ghana has announced a US$3M donation to the people of Haiti.[16]
  •  Côte d'Ivoire: The government of Côte d'Ivoire has pledged US$1M to Haiti.[17]
  •  Liberia: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf pledged an initial US$50,000 in aid to Haiti.[18]
  •  Libya: A cargo plane of humanitarian aid that included medicine and equipment departed Methigfha International Airport on 19 January 2010. The shipment was accompanied by Libyan rescue and medical teams that will provide rescue and medical assistance to victims of the earthquake.[4][19]
  •  Mali: Mali's government has donated CFA100M (US$213,000) to Haitian recovery and relief efforts.[20]
  •  Mauritius: The Mauritian government has contributed US$500,000 to relief efforts in Haiti.[21]
  •  Morocco: On 14 January, King Mohammed VI of Morocco approved the release of US$1M in emergency humanitarian aid for Haiti.[4][22][23]
  •  Namibia: The Namibian government pledged N$7.4 million (US$1M) to relief efforts in Haiti.[24]
  •  Nigeria: Minister of Foreign Affairs Alhaji Jibril Maigari announced that the Nigerian government would provide an unspecified amount of financial aid towards the earthquake relief efforts.[25] On 20 January 2010, the Nigerian House of Representatives passed a resolution to contribute NGN7.2 million to the relief efforts.[26][clarification needed]
  •  Rwanda: The government of Rwanda has committed RF56M (US$100,000) to the relief of victims, making it among the first sub-Saharan African governments to pledge financial support for the relief efforts.[27][not in citation given]
  •  Senegal: In addition to US$1m in aid, the president of Senegal, Abdoulaye Wade, issued a promise of free land and "repatriation" for Haitian refugees.[28] Abdoulaye Wade explained to Euronews: "Take the case of Liberia, the Afro-Americans were transplanted there. Today those people are successfully integrated with the other African peoples, because they’re of African origin anyway, and they had originally been sent to the America's against their will. So, it's not really so extraordinary to transplant those who want, to find a piece of land somewhere in Africa, and, with the help of the international community, to create a city, and perhaps a whole country."[29] The offer of repatriation was later modified as a resolution on creating a separate, independent state on the continent for repatriated Haitian refugees, the details of which were published by Le Soleil[30] on 16 January and slated for submission to the African Union at a later date.
  •  Sierra Leone: The Sierra Leone government has pledged or provided US$300,000 to the United Nations Haiti Disaster Fund.[31] The country has also pledged to send police, soldiers and medical teams to the Caribbean nation.[9]
  •  South Africa: The South African government pledged R1M (US$135,000) for the relief effort on 14 January.[32]
  •  Sudan: Abdel-Baki Al-Gailani, state minister for humanitarian affairs, was named to head a national mobilization campaign that collected and sent humanitarian aid to Haiti; Sudan's aid input consisted of the combined contributions of the government, non-governmental organizations, private individuals and the Sudanese Red Crescent.[33]
  •  Tunisia: President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali instructed that Tunisia shall contribute to the international effort of humanitarian assistance to Haiti by allocating US$1,000,000 to the UN Emergency Fund created for this circumstance.[4][34]


  •  Afghanistan: The nation of Afghanistan pledged or gave $200,000 in aid to Haiti. "Even countries with their own troubles rushed to Haiti's aid: Afghanistan provided $200,000."[2][35]
  •  Armenia: After the 1988 Spitak earthquake in Armenia, the country kept an earthquake response force to deal with similar emergencies. Fifty-two of these rapid response workers, trained in earthquake response, were deployed to Haiti on 13 January.[36] The Armenian government has also said they will provide US$100,000 for reconstruction projects in the country.[37][38]
  •  Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan announced that it will allocate US$500,000 to the United States' Haiti relief efforts.[39]
  •  Bahrain: Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa announced the donation of US$1M in aid.[40] Bahrain also sent a disaster relief team to assist with the relief operations in Haiti[4][41][42]
  •  Bangladesh: Bangladeshi prime-minister Sheikh Hasina has ordered the health ministry to send a medical team to earthquake-ravaged Haiti as soon as possible. The prime minister's press secretary told the press that the prime minister has asked the health ministry to send a medical team, medicine and clothes to Haiti. Thursday's cabinet meeting, chaired by Sheikh Hasina, also issued a condolence message to the Haitian government.[43] The 30 member medical team comprising 20 doctors and 10 health technicians will leave for Haiti on 18 January. The health minister directed the authorities concerned to take all necessary steps to send the team along with necessary medicines and clothes for the people of Haiti.[44]
  •  Brunei: The government of Brunei Darussalam pledged or gave $50,000 in aid to Haiti.[45]
  •  Cambodia: The Cambodian government announced that it has decided to contribute US$50,000 for the relief efforts to the people of Haiti.[46]
  •  People's Republic of China: The People's Republic of China sent a 60-member rescue team (National Earthquake Disaster Emergency Rescue Team) following the quake,[47][48] and Red Cross Society of China pledged US$1M.[49] The Chinese government itself announced it plans to deliver an additional US$4.41 million in humanitarian aid.[50] A medical assistance station has been set up by the Chinese rescue team in Port-au-Prince.[51] On 21 January, China announced that it was donating an additional $2.6 million in cash to quake-hit Haiti and it would send a 40-member medical care and epidemic prevention team to the Caribbean country.[52] Before the earthquake, China already had a 125-member Police Force as part of a 9,000-strong UN peacekeeping operations in Haiti seeking to maintain stability in the impoverished, politically volatile nation.
  •  East Timor: The Government of East Timor has pledged to donate €355,000 to assist in efforts in Haiti.[53]
  •  Georgia: On 13 January, the Cabinet of Georgia announced that it would send humanitarian aid to Haiti[54] The Georgian government coordinated a special flight to carry 40 tons of humanitarian supplies and 405,000 GEL in financial aid. Apart from this, a group of 20 rescue personnel was assembled to fly to Haiti.
  •  India: India has initially donated a cash amount of US$5M to Haiti.[55] A 140-member Indian UN peacekeeping paramilitary contingent was already helping with stabilization duties and is now assisting rescue work.
  •  Indonesia: President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said Indonesia would send humanitarian workers to Haiti to help the earthquake victims.[56][57] The help from the Indonesian government will consist of a team of 30 medical personnel including surgeons, a 10-member SAR team, and 10 electrical experts. The remaining 25 are experts in construction and telecommunications. The government will also send medical supplies weighing a total of 5 tons, another five tons of food special equipment and tools for children and babies also five tons. The aid had been airlifted by a Lion Air's 747-400 jumbo jet. The aircraft was diverted to Santo Domingo the capital of Dominican Republic due to heavy air traffic in Haiti.[58]
  •  Iran: A cargo plane of consumables and goods such as tents, washing powder, sugar, canned food, kitchen utensils departed Tehran on 16 January 2010 to Haiti.[59][60][61] The Islamic Republic of Iran also dispatched a medical team to Haiti, that was sent via Venezuela. Iran's Red Crescent Society said that Iranian medical team consisted of five doctors, three nurses, six relief workers will arrive in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, via Venezuela. Iranian medical team are going to establish a mobile clinic and distribute medicine to the Haitian people. The team will stay in Haiti for one month and a second Iranian medical team will depart to the country next week. In the meantime, Iran has dispatched 30 tons of humanitarian aid including food, tents and medicine to Haiti.[62][63][64]
  •  Israel: The Foreign Affairs Ministry dispatched a rescue team to Haiti consisting of 40 doctors, 20 nurses, and rescue workers, two rescue planes loaded with equipment, and a field hospital, including operating rooms, intensive care units and X-ray equipment to take care of the injured.[65][66][67] A Magen David Adom delegation arrived in Haiti on 17 January to establish field clinics in cooperation with local rescue groups and as part of a larger American Red Cross mission.[68] The Israeli rescue team remained in Haiti until 28 January 2010.[69]
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) set up a satellite communications room with phone and wireless internet access, and video conference systems so surgeons working in the field hospital could contact medical experts back in Israel.[70] Following a request from the United States and the United Nations, the Israel Police sent 100 officers to join peacekeeping forces in Haiti. Israel also sent a group of Israel Police forensics investigators to assist in the identification of earthquake casualties shortly after the quake.[71] Israel also sent 220 personnel of the Home Front Command's search and rescue teams and the Israeli Medical Corps.[72]
  •  Japan: The Japanese government plans to offer up to US$5M in grant aid, which will be exercised through international organizations including UNICEF and the WFP. It will also donate emergency relief materials for as much as ¥30 million (US$330,000).[73] The Japanese Ministry of Defense announced the deployment of the Japanese Disaster Relief Team.[74] The Japanese government sent a C-130 Hercules from Arizona, US, with a 26 member-JDRT team and emergency relief goods stocked in Florida, US, to Haiti.[75] The medical team arrived at Léogâne, 30 km west of Port-au-Prince, and started its operation on 18 January 2010.[76][77] The International Disaster Relief Medical Support Unit relieved JDRT of their activities in Léogâne.[78]
  •  Jordan: King Abdullah II of Jordan sent two humanitarian aid aircraft carrying relief items and a makeshift military field hospital to Haiti.[79] The main Jordanian News Agency, Petra, reported on 15 January 2010: "A second military airplane left to Haiti on Friday to help victims of the earthquake that hit the island on Tuesday. The plane, dispatched upon directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II, is carrying Jordanian medics and medical equipments used during disaster times."[80][81] Jordan established a 12-bed military hospital in Port-au-Prince, and are also feeding children who enter; dispatched two planes carrying a mobile field hospital, rescue team, doctors and six tons of aid supplies that include food, medicine and clothing.[4] Jor
  •  Kazakhstan: President Nursultan Nazarbaev, in his message to the Haitian president, stated that Kazakhstan will send full-scale humanitarian aid.[82]
  •  South Korea: South Korea has provided a total of over US$13 million in aid, which is by far the largest aid package from East Asia, making it one of the main contributors of aid to Haiti. The large-scale relief effort is seen to reflect South Korea's determination to actively join the international efforts. It sent an immediate US$1 million aid package as the first batch, and provided over US$10 million worth of aid on the second batch.[83] About two-thirds came directly from the government in the form of short and long-term aid, while the rest was the result of collective efforts from the private sector. Private organizations raised another US$2 million for Haiti.[84]
In addition, South Korean National Emergency Management Agency immediately dispatched team of 35 rescue workers to provide search and rescue and medical services. They set up an independent clinic in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince.[85] In January 2010, an additional 10-member diligence team was sent to review the area and determine on-site needs. In March 2010, South Korea sent in a further 250-member force to Haiti for a United Nations (U.N.)-led peacekeeping mission to help rebuild the island.[84]
  •  Kuwait: The Kuwaiti government made a US$1M donation to the Kuwait Red Crescent Society for distribution to the Haiti relief effort.[86] The Kuwaiti government also donated 100 tons of humanitarian aid in the form of food, medical supplies, tents and blankets.[4]
  •  Lebanon: A contingent of Lebanese aid workers will head to Haiti shortly with medical supplies and tents.[87] Lebanon also airlifted 25 tons of tents, 3 tons of medicine, vaccines and other supplies; along with sending aid workers to help in relief effort.[4][88]
  •  Malaysia: The nation's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created the "Tabung Bencana Kementerian Luar Negeri" Fund to assist in collecting funds for relief efforts.[89]
  •  Oman: Donations from individuals were collected in the nation of Oman. These donations from Oman are noted by the UN OCHA and ReliefWeb groups.[45]
  •  Pakistan: Several Pakistani rescuers and troops are stationed (as part of the UN force) in affected areas by Minustah as Pakistan is largest contributor to UN peacekeeper forces while Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Monday directed the Cabinet Division to immediately provide relief assistance in the form of 3000 tents/blankets and eight tons medicines to help the earthquake affected people of Haiti.[90]
  •  Philippines: President of Philippines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ordered the Department of Health to have a deployment of a medical team to help treat the victims a group of doctors, nurses and specialists.[91] The Philippine Government has also donated $50,000 to Haiti.[citation needed]
  •  Qatar: Qatar sent a 26-member rescue team and C-17 Globemaster III strategic transport aircraft loaded with 50 tons of relief materials.[92] The Qatari rescue team, headed by Captain Mubarak Sherida Al Kaabi, established a field hospital to receive the urgent cases and help picking up bodies and reach those trapped under the rubble. Captain Al Kaabi said the team has saved a woman found alive and has given her full healthcare. So far, the number of cases have been treated by the team since its arrival reached more than 250 cases suffering from neglected trauma and fractures in addition to some minor surgeries as well as other conditions, Al Kaabi noted.[93] A picture of members of a Qatari rescue team praying at Port-au-Prince International Airport in Port-au-Prince, Haiti was taken on 20 January 2010.[94][95]
  •  Saudi Arabia: The Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry announced that the kingdom will donate US$50M in humanitarian aid.[4][69][96][97][98][99][100] This money confirmed to have been delivered by the United Nations. From the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA); "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has contributed US$50 million to support the United Nations humanitarian response to the earthquake in Haiti. This makes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia one of the main contributors to the Haiti Flash Appeal, which was launched on 15 January."[101] The Jeddah, Saudi Arabia–based Islamic Development Bank (IDB) also pledged $5 million to Haiti. Dr. Ahmad Mohammed Ali, President of the Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank (IDB), has announced the Bank's approval to extend $5 million in aid for the reconstruction of Haitian educational facilities. Hundreds of schools were destroyed last month by a massive earthquake that devastated the island nation.[102]
  •  Singapore: Singapore's government announced a US$50,000 allocation for humanitarian aid through the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.[103]
  •  Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka had 950 soldiers in Haiti assisting in peacekeeping efforts at the time of the quake.[104]
  •  Syria: Deputy Foreign Minister Fayssal Mikdad, in a 19 January meeting with Honorary Consulate of Haiti in Syria, stated that the Syrian government will work with national and international humanitarian organizations as part of the relief effort.[105] A Syrian plane with 30 tons of humanitarian aid was sent to Haiti on orders from the president.[106][107]
  •  Thailand: The Government of Thailand had initially decided to donate US$20,000 for humanitarian assistance in Haiti.[108] Such amount of money gained heavy criticism that it was too little, while Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban remarked, "That was the first amount of money we could give, but more will come. We may send our military army engineers to join the world, following assessment of the situations. The problem is that Haiti is too far from us, unlike the cases having occurred in our neighbours such as Indonesia or the Philippines. What we could do for Haiti is only donation of money or personnel."[109]
King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit also sent a missive of condolence to the President of Haiti.[110] Following that, the Council of Ministers resolved to send another US$100,000, which was later extended to US$382,000, and 20,000 tonnes of rice as humanitarian contribution.[111] Deputy Education Minister Chaiwuti Bannawat said in a cabinet meeting that medical teams from many educational institutes under his ministry were ready to go to Haiti but needed funding from the government. While Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya proposed to have his ministry co-ordinate the relief effort. Also, Natural Resources and Environment Minister Suwit Khunkitti offered to personally take the aid to the affected country. However, all was turned down by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, citing that money and rice was enough for the moment.[111]
  •  Turkey: Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that Turkey is dispatching a mobile hospital, two check-up devices, a 20-member relief team, and 10 tons of medicine and medical equipment. The Turkish government has donated $1 million for Haiti.[112] in kind – Field Hospital, 2 Healthcare Survey Unit, Medical Unit consists of 17 Personnel/paramedics and 10 tonnes of medical/first aid items, 20 tonnes of relief material consisting 200 tents, 2000 blankets, 145 set of kitchen materials, 1000 plastic bags for corps and 3 relief personnel, 1.5 tonnes of Logistic equipment including food and cloths, fully equipped 10 SAR Personnel of AKUT Association[113][114][115]
The Turkish rescue workers assistance in Haiti was noted in an 18 January 2010 article on Turkish help in a joint rescue at a grocery store in Haiti; "A Creole-speaking man and woman were rescued late Sunday night by a team from Miami, Florida, and a Turkish team."[116] Pictures of the Turkish rescue team working in Haiti are available online.[115][117]
  •  Turkmenistan: President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow announced that Turkmenistan would send US$500,000 to the United Nations special fund for Haiti for providing the humanitarian aid to Haiti.[118] This money was not delivered to the UN fund for Haiti, at least as of 6 months later.[2]
  •  United Arab Emirates: The United Arab Emirates announced it would set up a relief air bridge to take humanitarian supplies to Haiti. The nation's charitable organizations—including the Khalifa Charity Foundation, Zayed Foundation for Humanitarian and Charitable Works, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Charity and Humanitarian Foundation—announced the coordination of additional humanitarian relief efforts.[119] The United Arab Emirates either pledged or gave over $2.6 million; along with three UAE charities donating more than 200 tons of medical equipment, tents and blankets, food and drinking water.[120]
  •  Vietnam: The Vietnamese government announced that it has decided to contribute US$130,000 for the relief efforts to the people of Haiti.[121]


  •  Albania: Prime Minister of Albania Sali Berisha said that the Government of Albania pledged or donated €30,000 ($40,800 USD) to the International Committee of the Red Cross.[122]
  •  Andorra: The principality's government announced that it will allocate €57,500 to both the United Nations (€50,500) and the country's charitable NGO efforts in Haiti(€7,500).[123] The €50,500 was not delivered to the UN fund for Haiti, at least as of 6 months later.[2]
  •  Austria: The Austrian government has dispatched logistics experts to the country.[124]
  •  Belgium: On 13 January 2010, Belgium dispatched its B-Fast team of 58 people,[125] including four sniffer dogs and a drinking-water purification facility.[126] On 15 January 2010, Belgian Chief Coordinator Geert Gijs, upon learning that U.N. security personnel would not remain overnight at their field hospital, decided to pack up his team's supplies and leave; Gijs said he it was a "tough decision" but that he decided to evacuate after a Canadian medical team, also at the hospital, left the site with their security officers on Friday afternoon.[127] The decision left Sanjay Gupta, a CNN correspondent, as the only doctor present overnight at the hospital; Gupta was limited in his ability to help the 25 patients left at the field hospital because the Belgian team had taken their supplies when they left.[127][128] The team returned the next morning.
  •  Bosnia and Herzegovina: The chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nikola Špirić, pledged a donation of 100,000 BAM (US$75,000) to the International Committee of the Red Cross.[129]
  •  Bulgaria: The Bulgarian Ministry of Defense contributed 1.5 tons of tents, blankets and household linens to the relief efforts.[131] Later, the country sent medical supplies and a medical team to Haiti and started gathering a second team of volunteers. Also the Bulgarian Red Cross and UNICEF started gathering donations via SMS service and a bank account. At least 635,000 euros have been gathered to date. A number of benefit concerts have been organized in schools and clubs[132]
  •  Croatia: The government of Croatia approved for 1 million HRK (ca. US$200,000) to be sent.[133]
  •  Cyprus: President of Cyprus Dimitris Christofias said that Cyprus has decided to contribute to efforts helping Haiti with the amount of €100,000.[134]
  •  Czech Republic: The Czech Republic sent 5 million in emergency relief to Haiti and then pledged to send 20 million(US$1,110,000) more, and will channel it through humanitarian organizations operating in Haiti; roughly another 15 million was raised by Czech NGO's.[135] A contingent of Czech humanitarian workers will depart to Haiti (via the Dominican Republic) in the upcoming weeks to assist in reconstruction.[136]
  •  Denmark: The Ministry for Development Cooperation has pledged to donate around US$2M (kr10 million) to the UN's mission in Haiti.[137] This pledge was increased by another US$8M (kr40 million).[138] The Danish people donated kr65,000,000.[citation needed] In total Denmark donated kr115.000.000.[139]
  •  Estonia: Estonia initially announced readiness to aid Haiti with €63,600.[140][141] After few days the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Estonia will increase this to €2,500,000 via the Red Cross; they will also send 3 member logistics crew and an IT expert.[142][143] This amount of aid, once delivered, would make them the fourth largest donor as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product in the European Union.[citation needed]
  •  Finland: The Finnish government has pledged €1.25 million in aid.[144]
  •  France: Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said France will dispatch aid to the country.[145] Haiti is a member of La Francophonie (association of French-speaking nations), but officially bilingual. The aid provided by France according to the French Government[146] consists of:
    • A second detachment of 67 military from the military civil security (FORMISC) Brignoles and Crisis Support Unit of 5 including 2 communication specialists
    • A third 70-strong detachment from Île-de-France [Paris region] and the south of France tasked with deploying an advanced medical post and 10 mobile medical teams, left at 2 pm, Thursday 14 January, and arrived on Friday morning at 3 am (local time). This detachment also includes: 24 Sécurité civile personnel tasked with supplying water for up to 20,000 people a day, 11 gendarmes to ensure the security of the detachments on the ground and 11 gendarmes to ensure the security of the detachments on the ground and 5 German staff of the THW.
    • A fourth 70-strong detachment of the Sécurité civile rapid medical response unit to provide logistical support and medical care for the disaster-stricken people has been confirmed. This detachment could remain there in the longer term, with a remit extending beyond the immediate emergency mission. It is scheduled to leave France today.
In total nearly 300 Sécurité civile personnel will eventually be in Haiti with several dozen tons of equipment.[147] Two ships, the Siroco and the BATRAL Francis Garnier, were dispatched as part of Opération Séisme Haiti 2010. The Siroco, who was off the Senegalese coast, and has been ordered to head for Haiti.[148] She is equipped with medical facilities (two operating theatres and 50 inpatient beds) and can carry 2,000 tonnes of cargo and 2,000 passengers, as well as four helicopters.[149] A French Air Force Airbus A340 was dispatched to Fort-de-France carrying medical personnel to staff the Siroco and members of the Gendarmerie.[150] A team of six people, including a TDF (State Radio & Television Company) engineer, was dispatched with the communications hardware required to reestablish UN radio transmissions of Haiti Minustah FM, and also to repair the large transmitters located on the heights of the city. Radio France also lent assistance to several private radio stations.[151] The BATRAL Francis Garnier, a light transport and supply ship, left Fort-de-France (Martinique) Friday with 100 tons of freight and 60 soldiers. The boat carried 6 trucks, an ambulance, 4x4 vehicles, three mechanical shovels, food, bottled water, machines of building site, tents, humanitarian material and food. The ship does not require a dock to unload.[152] Two C-130 Hercules belonging to the 2/61 Transport Squadron ('Franche-Comté'), were dispatched to Martinique. The first C130 from France arrived Sunday with reinforcements, medical equipment and communications equipment for Haïti. The second airplane arrived Sunday 17 January. Together with three CASA CN-235 planes, an Airbus A310 (from the Esterel Squadron), an Aérospatiale Puma Helicopter and a Bombardier Dash 8 from the civil security they allow up to 8 flights daily from the French Antilles to Haiti.[153][154] The French government will contribute €10 million (US$14.4 million) for Haitian relief and rescue work, Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner announced on 18 January. The contribution was a response to the appeal for emergency funding launched by the United Nations on Saturday.[155]
  •  Germany: The German government has released an initial amount of €7.5 million (US$10.78 m) in aid.[156] Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said that his country had pledged aid to Haiti and called together a crisis management team to deal with the disaster.[157] Two special THW teams, one trained to rescue survivors from the rubble, and the other equipped to provide them with safe drinking water, were sent to Port-au-Prince.[158] Germany also offered to send troops to Haiti.[159]
  •  Greece: Prime Minister George Papandreou reported that Greece will help by any means, and reminded the public that Haiti had been the first country, in 1822, to acknowledge Greece's independence. The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated they will be helping international organisations coordinate humanitarian relief efforts.[160] The government announced a donation of €200,000, and that with the help of Hellenic Imperial Airways, the Foreign Ministry would send a team of 25 healthcare professionals, nurses, rescuers as well as Hellenic Aid officials and rescue workers, along with pharmaceutical supplies on board a direct flight by Boeing 747.[161] Meanwhile, a bank account was created so that Greek citizens can contribute financially to relief efforts.[162] The Greek Orthodox Church announced their humanitarian organisation "Alilegii" is ready to coordinate charities all over Greece and send aid to Haiti.[163]
  •  Hungary: Government spokesman Domokos Szollár announced on 16 January 2010 that the Hungarian government has donated €100,000 for Haiti aid. This is in addition to cash and in kind aid already provided by Hungarian NGOs.[164] The Hungarian government also sent a medical team.[165]
  •  Iceland: The Icelandic foreign ministry decided to send an international SAR team, specialized in searching for survivors in collapsed buildings.[166] The team consists of 37 people specially trained for search & rescue in collapsed buildings. The team brought 13 tons of equipment and can be self-sufficient in the field for seven days. The team was among the first to arrive in the disaster zone at 4 pm local time on 13 January.[167]
  •  Ireland: The government of Ireland had already put €20 million into the UN's Emergency Fund beforehand, and has rapid rescue teams on standby if requested. Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin has pledged additional money will be given to Haiti from Ireland in the future. The Taoiseach has expressed his sincere sympathy to the people of Haiti.[168] President of Ireland Mary McAleese sent a message to Haiti's President Rene Garcia Preval, confirming that Ireland was praying for Haiti and that Ireland would assist with money. "The loss of so many lives and the widespread destruction caused by the earthquake has deeply grieved me", she said.[169]
  •  Italy: The Italian government has prepared a military transport plane which will be used to carry in a field hospital and emergency medical team.[156] Italy sent the aircraft carrier Cavour with 920 military personnel aboard to Haiti to assist in rescue and reconstruction work, as part of Operazione White Crane. The Cavour sailed from Italy on 19 Jan., with a stop planned in Brazil to pick up Brazilian military medical staff, the Italian military general staff said in a statement. It will transport Italian Navy helicopters, tracked and wheeled Army vehicles, and hospital facilities that offer two operating theaters. A company of Army engineers is included in the contingent, as well as the Cavour crew members and medical staff, and force protection personnel from the Navy, Army and Air Force. Italian Carabinieri military police will also be on board.[citation needed] Italy will also send a further contingent of 200 members of its military Carabinieri police corps to Haiti to help ensure security for the distribution of aid. The Carabinieri would be part of an EU police force to restore order and end looting on the island.[citation needed]
Italian regional administrations:
  • Lazio: The mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno announced that the city has organized the departure of a first shipment of humanitarian aid to Haiti. This first tranche of aid, consisting of medicine and first aid valued at more than €600,000.[170]
  • Lombardy: The region has allocated €200,000 as emergency aid to Haiti. The announcement was made by President of the Lombardy Region, Roberto Formigoni. The €100,000 funding will be allocated as follows:
    • The purchase, collection and delivery of essential supplies.
    • The restoration of damaged facilities by Fondazione Francesca Rava, sending doctors and engineers and purchasing medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.[171]
  • Piedmont: The Solidarity Committee of the regional council has earmarked a budget of €250,000. The decision was taken unanimously at the 19 January meeting convened by the Chairman of the Regional Council, Davide Gariglio.[172]
  • Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol: The autonomous region has pledged €100,000 in emergency help. It will be distributed through Austrian and Italian Caritas organisations.[173]
  •  Latvia: Latvia's government has pledged €15,000 to Haitian disaster relief, which will be channeled through the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund.[174]
  •  Liechtenstein: The government of Liechtenstein announced that it would allocate CHF 200,000 to the Haiti relief efforts.[175]
  •  Lithuania: Lithuania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs allocated Lt50,000 (€14,500) in aid through its Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion program.[176]
  •  Luxembourg: Rescue teams from Luxembourg accompanied a Belgian contingent of rescue workers that arrived in Haiti shortly after the earthquake.[177]
  •  Macedonia: On 21 January 2010, the Government of Macedonia announced that it will donate US$100,000 in financial assistance to Haiti.[178]
  •  Malta: The Civil Protection Department collected blankets, canned food and drinking water for the victims of the earthquake.[179]
  •  Moldova: The Moldovan government provided the amount of US$100,000 to Haiti.[180][181]
  •  Monaco: Prince Albert II authorised €150,000 in emergency funds to be released to Haiti via the United Nations and the International Federation of Red Cross.[182]
  •  Montenegro: The Government of Montenegro announced that it had allocated €50,000.[183]
  •  Netherlands: The Netherlands has pledged €3 million (US$4.3 million) in aid.[156] On 14 January the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team (72 persons + 8 dogs) was dispatched to Haiti to aid in searching for survivors.[184] The Royal Dutch Navy ship HNLMS Pelikaan has sailed from Curaçao carrying 80 troops, several transport vehicles, small boats, and relief supplies.[185] On 21 January, Dutch radio and TV stations joined together for a day of fundraising for the victims of the Haiti earthquake having raised €83.4 million. (US$117.87 million), half of which has been donated by the Dutch government.[186][187]
  •  Norway: Norway will be sending delegations from the Norwegian Red Cross, including a field hospital and the charitable organisation Norwegian Church Aid. The country was initially pledging 40 million NOK (US$7M),[188] but soon raised it to 100 million NOK (US$17.5M),[189] and some days later again, to a total of 200 million NOK (US$25M).[190]
  •  Poland: Fifty four rescue workers (Ciężka Grupa Poszukiwawczo Ratownicza – USAR Poland) flew out on 15 January of Warsaw's Okecie airport equipped with four tonnes of specialised equipment for earthquake-torn Haiti. Ten search and rescue dogs were also on board, says the Ministry of Interior.[191] The time delay of sending the team has been strongly criticised in the Polish media. The Polish government announced it will send US$150,000 in aid to the International Red Cross.[192] The Polish Medical Mission will also send a group of doctors and a field hospital.[193] 63 firemen from Poland have taken 12 dogs and 4 tons of equipment with them.[194]
  •  Portugal: The government of Portugal announced it will send a C-130 with 32 members of the disaster rescue team "Protecção Civil" (Civil Protection), supplies like tents, medical equipment and a complete hospital ward and immediate cash relief of €500,000.[195] The team and supplies have been sent as of 15 January.[196] After many delays, due to both a technical failure and an overcrowded airport, the C-130 of the Portuguese Air Force arrived in Port-au-Prince on 17 January at around 8:30 pm. The plane brought over 10 tons of humanitarian help as well as a team of members of the "Protecção Civil", firefighters, and medics from "Assistência Médica Internacional" (International Medical Help) and "Instituto Nacional de Emergência Médica" (National Institute of Medical Emergency).
On 18 January a TAP Portugal plane loaded with 3.5 tons of additional humanitarian help departed from Lisbon en route to Caracas, Venezuela. From there, the C-130 of the Portuguese Air Force already in Haiti would deliver the supplies from Venezuela to Port-au-Prince. Supplies in this second shipment include tents, bathrooms, blankets, water purifiers, medicine, and food products.[197] On 30 January 2010 the "humanitarian team" left Port-au-Prince back to Portugal, ending their mission. Seven elements of AMI remained on the ground providing medical assistance to the people affected by the earthquake. Six hundred (600) Haitians are living in the Campo Azul da União Portugal Haiti (Blue Camp of the Portugal Haiti Union).[198]
  • Portuguese autonomous regions:
    •  Azores: The government of the archipelago has donated €100,000 to humanitarian efforts in Haiti.[199]
  •  Romania: On 14 January 2010, the Romanian government announced that it would send an unspecified amount of material aid to Haiti.[200] On 22 January, the government of Romania announced that it will send €50,000 from its Assistance for Development budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 2010, through the World Food Program.[201] Romania also participated through the European Union contribution, and it is part of the UN mission restoring order in the country.[202]
  •  Russia: The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia has sent four Ilyushin Il-76 cargo planes containing rescue workers, supplies, heavy equipment, a mobile hospital including doctors and medical staff, with a capacity of 50 patients,[203][204][205] and psychologists to assist families whose loved ones were killed or missing.[206] Some of the rescue workers were equipped with sniffer dogs to locate trapped survivors. The first two planes from Russia contained doctors from the Ministry for Emergencies and the All-Russian Medical Disasters Centre and rescuers, including specialists with sniff dogs and psychologists, as well as necessary equipment to conduct rescue operations and cross-country vehicles.[207]
The fourth plane included 15 rescuers on board. The aircraft also delivered special hardware for search work, which made it possible to move heavy beams and make passages on the ground floors of destroyed buildings. It also had a light helicopter BK-117 on board, which made possible air reconnaissance and airlifts gravely wounded people from hard-of-access areas.[208] The total cost of the Russian operations stand at $5 million as of 20 January.[209] On 1 April 2010 Russia's envoy to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, said Russia will donate $8 million to help rebuild Haiti, bringing the total sum of the Russian aid to $13 million.[210] Russia delivered a total of 30 metric tons of humanitarian aid to Haiti.
  •  San Marino: Antonella Mularoni, Secretary of State for Foreign and Political Affairs, announced that the San Marino government will give US$50,000 to UN's Central Emergency Response Fund.[211]
  •  Serbia: The government of Serbia donated US$100,000.[212] It was also announced that Serbia plans to send a few dozen members of the Gendarmery in the Italian contingent of peacekeepers in Haiti.[213]
  •  Slovakia: The Slovakian government allocated €50,000 in aid to Haiti.[214] Slovak Paramedics were sent to Haiti.[215]
  •  Slovenia: The Slovenian government allocated €50,000 in aid to Haiti.[216]
  •  Spain: Government of Spain initially pledged €3 million in immediate emergency aid.[217] The Spanish national and regional governments as well as semi-public medical and SAR agencies have contributed the following to the humanitarian effort:
    • An SAR Team together with a team of EDAN (Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis) totaling 39 people and 15 dogs.
    • A humanitarian charter from the Spanish Logistic Center in Panama. This shipment consists of 24 tonnes of humanitarian supplies from the Spanish Aid organisation, the Spanish humanitarian organizations and the World Food Program United Nations in America. It includes 1000 tarpaulins, 675 family cleaning kits, 4,200 20 litre water bladders, 450 blankets, 1,500 units of body bags and 55 family tents, a disaster kit and other MSF Spain hygiene and WFP food rations. The Logistics Center in Panama is tasked with ensuring humanitarian the air transport in response to the disaster. The plane left from Panama and will be arrived at noon local time 15 January. Shipping is funded by the Office of Humanitarian Action AECID costing over €100,000. Another similar cargo will be shipped from the Logistics Center.
    • A C-130 Hercules with medical supplies for emergency care (11 Tonnes) and 3.5 Tonnes of drugs supplied by Farma Mundi. The five planes sent will also be used for evacuation of foreign nationals.
The Spanish Navy has dispatched the SPS Castilla (L52), a Galicia class landing platform dock vessel. The vessel is manned by 423 persons, and is fully equipped to function as a real hospital, with two operating theaters, a laboratory, intensive care unit and other X-rays facilities, as well as additional facilities. In addition it carries 4 helicopters.[218] It is to arrive at Petit-Goâve in February.[219]
  •  Sweden: The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) makes funds of approximately 900,000 USD available as emergency aid.[220] In addition, Sweden sent a 2-person delegation,[221] with 60 more to come.[222]
  •   Switzerland: A Swiss Air-Ambulance CL604 Challenger jet left Zürich on Wednesday morning to Port-au-Prince with a quick-response team from the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit in order to identify local needs and prepare in case of further deployment.[223][224][225][226] The plane has landed on Saturday with aid such as first aid kits, medical material and medicines, shelters and generators. A total of 41 Swiss experts are also on the ground in the region. Of these, 25 were already in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, by Saturday, and another 14 were on their way there.[227] According to Swiss officials, a second plane will leave Switzerland with more aid on Monday 18 January.
  •  Ukraine: On 14 January 2010, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko signed a decree which says that "with the goal of helping to tackle the consequences of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine should immediately ensure that humanitarian aid is provided to the country".[228]
  •  United Kingdom: The government of the United Kingdom has sent US$10 million and pledged another US$22 million in aid.[229] The day after the quake, a team of 71 search and rescue personnel and two search dogs left from the United Kingdom to fly to Haiti in an effort to rescue survivors. The team are equipped with specialized heavy rescue equipment.[230] The BBC reported that a British Airways Boeing 747, crewed by volunteers from the airline, carried emergency supplies to Haiti, while another aircraft from Virgin Atlantic carried medical and rescue teams. A Royal Navy support ship is also to deploy to Haiti loaded with aid.[231] Largs Bay sailed for Haiti on 3 February.

North America[edit]


  •  Canada: Governor General Michaëlle Jean, who is herself Haitian-born, issued a statement, with parts in Haitian Creole, thanking the Cabinet for its swift action and the Canadian media for its coverage, as well as urging strength and courage to Haitians.[232] Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper stated, "While officials are currently assessing the damage and the possibility of Canadians injured, Canada stands ready to provide any necessary assistance to the people of Haiti during this time of need."[233] Prior to the disaster, Haiti was Canada's second largest aid recipient.[234] The Minister of Foreign Affairs then announced that Canada, home of a large Haitian community,[234] would be donating an additional five million dollars in emergency aid,[235] as well as matching donations from Canadians to build an emergency fund up to C$100 million to help humanitarian efforts in Haiti.[236]
The Canadian government has decided to make Haitian immigrants in the family class a priority.[237] On 19 January, the Canadian government announced an additional C$80 million for relief efforts in Haiti. This includes C$60 million to the UN appeal, including C$39 million to the World Food Program for food security needs and C$15 million to UNICEF; C$11.5 million to six Canadian NGOs; C$8.5 million to the Red Cross; and smaller amounts to other organizations including the International Organization for Migration, the World Health Organization, the Pan-American Health Organization, The United Nations Population Fund, and the United Nations Department for Safety and Security; for a total donation of up to C$135 million including the original C$5 million and the promise to match donations made by Canadians to charities providing Haiti relief up to C$50 million.[238][239]
The Canadian Forces mounted the Operation Hestia,[240] with a mandate to deliver a wide range of services in support, in which the Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) was sent to Haiti, along with the frigate HMCS Halifax (FFH 330) and the destroyer HMCS Athabaskan (DDH 282),[241][242] and CC-177 Globemaster III transport are delivering with personnel, equipment, and six CH-146 Griffon search and rescue helicopters. The CH-124 Sea King from HMCS Athabaskan (DDH 282) also participated in the operation including search and rescue and evacuation.[243] An additional CC-177 Globemaster III and CC-130 Hercules carried six G-Wagen armoured cars and other supplies from Canada to Haiti.[244]
The Canadian Forces also deployed 1,200 troops from the 3e Bataillon, Royal 22e Régiment, including two rifle companies and one field engineer.[245] A further 60 vehicles including G-wagen, Light Support Vehicle, Wheeled (LSVW) and Medium Logistic Vehicle, Wheeled (MLVW) will be deployed along with crews and maintenances crews. The total number of troops in Haiti will stand at 2,000, including the 500 sailors on board the Athabaskan and the Halifax. Canadian Forces collaborated directly with Canadian Medical Assistance Team in the operation of their field hospital in Léogâne. This civil-military collaboration was unprecedented in the NGO's history.[246] The Operation Hestia is currently under the command of the Brigadier General Guy Laroche. The deployment will focus on security and reconstruction.[247] On 21 January 2010, Defence Minister Peter MacKay announced that 1 Field Hospital based in Petawawa, Ontario would be sent to Léogâne along with its medical staff of at least 100 personnel in the next couple of days.[248]
As of 21 January 2010, 1765 people have been evacuated from Haiti to Canada on 20 flights.[249] On 23 January 2010, Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon announced that 17 Canadians have died, 1,939 Canadians have been located, and that 236 remain unaccounted for.[250] Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced on 23 January 2010 that the government has removed the C$50 million cap placed on the donation amount the government would match. Approximately C$113 million[251] has been donated by Canadians. An English language Canada for Haiti telethon raised C$16 million and its Francophone counterpart generated C$6.6 million. With the matching donation from the federal government Canada's total aid contribution will be over C$226 million. On 26 January 2010, the DART team established a new 5,000 litre drinking water system in Jacmel.[252]

Central America and the Caribbean[edit]

  •  Antigua and Barbuda: The Antiguan government has donated EC$100,000 (US$37,000) to relief efforts.[253]
  •  Bahamas: Bahamian Immigration Minister John Thompson has suspended the repatriation of illegal Haitians presently residing in the country. With the prospect of a massive exodus of refugees fleeing from Haiti, government officials are sending tents, bedding, food and personnel to the island of Inagua, which is the closest Bahamian island to Haiti.[254]
  •  Barbados: The government of Barbados established a mechanism to coordinate national relief efforts and identify military personnel to aid in the earthquake damaged areas.[255]
  •  Belize: The government of Belize has offered aid to Haiti.[256]
  •  Costa Rica: On 13 January President Óscar Arias Sánchez announced that Costa Rica would be sending as much help as possible when the United Nations had a list ready. Arias also said that it was time for the world to remember Haiti.[257] On 15 January, Costa Rica sent a team of 55 personnel trained in the search and rescue of victims under collapsed structures. Due to the heavy air traffic in the area and logistical limitations, the team composed of firefighters, doctors, police officers, and Red Cross paramedics had to first land in the Dominican Republic and later brought to Port-au-Prince by an American military airplane. They brought with them satellite communication devices and two uninterruptible power supply units provided by the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity which can create up to 24 satellite phone lines. The team also brought with it two detection dogs trained on search and rescue provided by the Costa Rican Emergency Commission. Since 17 January all of these have been at the disposal of MINUSTAH.[258]
  •  Cuba: 30 field hospitals were established within 48 hours.[259][260] Cuba sent another 30 doctors to join 400 medical staff already in the country.[261] The Cuban government opened its normally restricted airspace to U.S. government medical evacuation flights, allowing faster evacuation of injured to medical facilities at Guantanamo Bay and Florida.[262]
  •  Dominica: The government of Dominica announced a six-month grace period for Haitian nationals living illegally in Dominica, thus protecting them from arrest and deportation.[263] Additionally, Dominica has pledged it will send bottled water and dried goods to Haiti. A special account was set up at the National Bank of Dominica for corporate and private aid donations.[264]
  •  Dominican Republic: The Dominican Republic which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, was the first country to send aid to the devastated country.[265] President Leonel Fernández rallied the international community to help its neighbor to overcome a "real tragedy." The Dominican Air Force is currently picking up survivors for aid and is transporting trained dogs to sniff for victims under rubble.[145] The government has sent 15 mobile medical units along with 36 doctors including orthopedics, traumatologists, anesthesiologists, and surgeons. In addition, 39 trucks with canned food have been dispatched, along with 15 mobile kitchens and 110 cooks who can prepare 100,000 meals per day.[266] The airport at El Higuero (8 km, 5 miles, north of Santo Domingo) is working as a hub to carry help local and international resources. According to sources, 19 private planes and 14 military helicopters are being used to carry help to Haiti.[267] An air bridge is working between Port-au-Prince and Santiago de los Caballeros where people are being attended at the Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago (HOMS), a private hospital. Among others, Senator Kelly Bastien (president of the Senate of Haiti) is receiving medical assistance there.[268] The hospital director stated that "our hospital intends to open a camp in Haiti in order to assist people in the field".[269] The Dominican government and a large list of contributors from Banks and private companies donated the sum of RD$486 million (US$13.5 Million).
  •  El Salvador: El Salvador for the time being will send a small contingent of eight firefighters, four Red Cross workers and a specially trained rescue dog. The Salvadoran government has also announced that they will be sending as much help as possible when the United Nations advise them on what is needed.[270] On 15 January the government announced it would be sending a second fleet of 40 Armed forces workers to help with the removal of rubble and to aid in the reconstruction of the earthquake-torn country. It was also announced that they would be sending 37 tonnes of goods to help those in need as well as two groups of lifeguards that would help to search for and rescue any missing people.[271]
  •  Grenada: The government of Grenada donated US$100,000.[272]
  •  Guatemala: President Alvaro Colom dispatched a military plane with rescue workers to Haiti on 14 January 2010.[273] Guatemala already had a staff and military personnel as part of MINUSTAH.
  •  Honduras: Honduran government officials organized a mission of 15 firefighters, 15 rescue workers, and a team of medics that departed Tegucigalpa on 14 January 2010. In addition to the team of volunteers, a large shipment of food and cement were also sent.[274]
  •  Jamaica: Information Minister Daryl Vaz stated that 150 JDF personnel, armed with technical expertise in a variety of areas, would be participating in the search-and-rescue mission, the paramount exercise to be executed in the aftermath of the earthquake.[275][276] Jamaican hospitals are currently on stand-by to admit Haitians in need of medical attention.[277]
  •  Nicaragua: Nicaragua sent 31 rescuers and military doctors of the Humanitarian Rescue Unit (URH) to Haiti on 14 January 2010, along with humanitarian aid. The URH mission included electrical workers who would participate in rebuilding the damaged electrical system in Port-au-Prince.[278]
  •  Panama: Vice President Juan Carlos Varela has indicated that Panama is willing to help, and pledged that the Panamanian government would provide assistance to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in matters of logistical coordination of cooperation. OCHA's Latin America regional offices are in Panama City.[145] Panama will deploy search-and-rescue experts from the Civil Protection Office and firefighters from the Panama Fire Department, as well as equipment and food supplies.[279]
  •  Saint Kitts and Nevis: Prime Minister Denzil L. Douglas established the Haiti Solidarity Fund at the St Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank to enable corporate and individual financial donations towards the relief efforts.[280]
  •  Saint Lucia: The government of Saint Lucia approved EC$500,000 (US$19,120) in aid.[281] The island nation is ready to provide more relief support via a unified CARICOM effort.[282]
  •  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves has organized a relief effort to transport rice, flour and other emergency supplies to Haiti.[283]
  •  Trinidad and Tobago: Trinidad and Tobago has committed an immediate relief aid package of $6.3M (US$1M) to assist Haiti.[284]


  •  Mexico: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will deploy a plan used to aid civilians during natural disasters in Haiti.[145] As an emergency response the government sent three Hercules C-130 military aircraft carrying over 20 tons in supplies, as well as satellite communication devices, water treatment plants, electricity generators, and over 160 specialists in search and rescue, health professionals, and engineers sent to set up communications in Haiti. One of these airplanes, with 60 federal policemen, had to temporarily abort its mission, due to lack of space at the airport. The water treatment plant had to be returned to Mexico, due to lack of terrestrial transportation. The government also sent the Navy's ARM Papaloapan amphibious lander with several thousand tons of aid materials and the ARM Huasteco hospital ship as well as additional aircraft.[285][286]
Following the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, the Mexican government granted humanitarian visas to the family members of Haitian-Mexicans.[287] As of 27 April 2010, the number of Haitian citizens granted visas was 324, with 250 arriving on the Mexican naval ship ARM Usumacinta (A412).[287]
During a visit to the national Mexican Red Cross Collection Center, President Felipe Calderón announced that Mexico will make a special donation to Haiti of US$8 million, which will be channeled through the United Nations.[288]
As part of an effort to increase humanitarian assistance and help with the recuperation of Haiti, Mexico will give government scholarships to 300 Haitian students to study at Mexican universities.[289] These students will also each receive a US$625 monthly stipend while their studies continue.[289] The first 103 students arrived in 2013, followed by 93 in 2014 and the rest arriving in 2015.[289]

United States[edit]

  •  USA: President Barack Obama pledged an initial US$100 million in aid.[290] The money the United States government originally pledged to the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission has not been sent (as of 15 July 2010). CNN reporting documents this; "The United States pledged $1.15 billion to the commission. It has paid nothing, with the money tied up in the congressional appropriations process."[291][292][293]
He said: "My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been affected by this earthquake. We are closely monitoring the situation and we stand ready to assist the people of Haiti."[294] The aid amount was later raised to $379 million. The aid is distributed through the military and through the U.S. Agency for International Development The expected breakdown of aid was:
  • 42% for direct disaster assistance
  • 33% for U.S. military aid
  • 9% for food
  • 9% to transport the food
  • 5% for paying Haitian survivors employed in recovery efforts
  • less than 1% directly to the Haitian government
  • about 0.5% to the Dominican Republic for dealing with Haitian refugees.[295]
At the request of President Obama, former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have agreed to help, forming the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, a charity organization to aid the victims of the earthquake.[296][297]
Elements of the United States military have been deployed to Haiti as part of Operation Unified Response.[298] Over 16,000 United States military personnel from all branches of its armed forces were deployed to Haiti in support of the United States government's humanitarian response:[299]
Four injured personnel from the United States embassy were evacuated to the naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, by United States Coast Guard helicopters.[314][315]
As of 29 January 2010, the US suspended medical evacuations of critically injured victims due to a dispute over who will pay for the medical care. According to Dr. Barth A. Green, co-founder of Project Medishare for Haiti, a nonprofit group affiliated with the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine that had been evacuating about two dozen patients a day, this suspension could be catastrophic for the injured. patients, adding "People are dying in Haiti because they can't get out."[316] Medical evacuations were resumed on 1 February 2010.[317]


  •  Australia: The Australian government pledged $10 million in immediate aid funding.[318] Australian Government increased aid with additional $5 million to meet urgent and emergency humanitarian needs such as food, water and sanitation, shelter and medical assistance. The additional assistance in this immediate response phase includes: $3 million to the World Food Programme, $1 million to Australian Non-Government Organisations and $1 million to the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.[319] A team of specialist Royal Australian Air Force air traffic controllers will be sent to Port-au-Prince airport.[320]
  •  New Zealand: The New Zealand government committed $1 million to relief efforts.[321]

South America[edit]

A team of White Helmets (Cascos Blancos) arrived Port-au-Prince on 16 January.[325] One of the Hercules aircraft, which also carried aid from Uruguay[325] was first diverted to Santo Domingo Airport until a reporter asked about it to the American militaries which were in control of Port-au-Prince airport.[326] A team of 17 medics set up a new camp at Léogâne being the first to arrive to the scene and doing so 4 days after the earthquake[327] A third C-130 Hercules aircraft was dispatched 24 January. The airplane made also a stop on Paraguay to pick up aid donate for that country[328]
  •  Bolivia: The government of Bolivia announced it would contribute food and blood donations to the relief efforts.[329]
  •  Brazil: President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva expressed his sorrow and offered to send US$15 million in humanitarian aid to Haiti to help reconstruct the country after the devastating earthquake.[330] Furthermore, he promised to visit Haiti as soon as the situation gets back to normal.[331] On 21 January, the Brazilian government announced that its humanitarian aid destined to support Haiti's stabilization and reconstruction process will reach R$375 million (approximately US$210.7 million), an amount which includes the previously promised $15 million. Also, 900 more troops will be immediately sent to Haiti in order to increase the strength of the 1,300 Brazilian servicemen currently supporting MINUSTAH.[332]
Additionally, Brazil will deploy aid in the form of food and supplies. Two government ministries expect to send 600 tons of rice, beans, and powdered milk.[333] Immediate aid will be dispatched as two C-130 Hercules aircraft carry, in total, 28 tons of food (sugar, powdered milk, sardines and ham), bottled water and other supplies to help the affected people.[334] Four smaller aircraft will also be sent with relief workers, since a larger Boeing KC-137 of the Brazilian Air Force was unable to land on 13 January.[335] In addition, the Brazilian Navy will deploy a ship to Haiti with equipment capable of producing drinkable water.[336] This is Brazil's largest foreign aid contribution in response to a natural disaster.[330] The headquarters of the Brazilian-led MINUSTAH was destroyed in the quake. The Brazilian Army forces' building remains intact, however. The Brazilian army is currently doing its work on foot due to the amount of debris on roads. Brazil's servicemen are providing help in the search for survivors.[337] The Brazilian Army is also sending 18 detection dogs to help with the body search.[338] On 2 February 2010 the Brazilian navy Landing Ship Almirante Saboia (G25) was sent to Haiti with ~700 tons of cargo.[339][340] The Brazilian red cross of the state of ceara has raised 160 tons worth of donations. The Brazilian navy checks the possibility of sending a second ship to Haiti.[341] Brazilian air force has as of 9 February 2010 transported 708 tons of cargo to Haiti.[342] A Second brazilian navy ship, the Landing Ship Garcia D'Avila (G29) was (or is to be) sent to Haiti with 900 tons of cargo.[343][344]
  •  Chile: President Michelle Bachelet sent Juan Gabriel Valdés, first chief of the UN mission in Haiti, as presidential delegate to coordinate the humanitarian aid sent by Chile. The presidential airplane was used to send the first convoy to Haiti, arriving in the morning of 14 January.[345]
  •  Colombia: President Álvaro Uribe Vélez expressed solidarity with the Haitian people and announced that his government will be on alert and ready to provide help to Haiti. On 14 January, a C-130 aircraft departed for Haiti with three tons of rescue, medical and security supplies, a mobile military hospital, several medical and rescue teams plus search and rescue trained dogs.[346][347] The National Defense Ministry and Colombian Air Force enabled several military bases and international airports as regional hubs for humanitarian logistics from other Haiti-supporting countries.[348]
  •  Ecuador: An Ecuadorian government delegation arrived in Haiti on 13 January with 5 tons of food. A search and rescue team comprising members of the Quito Fire Department, Red Cross, police, and military also arrived on 13 January.[349]
  •  Guyana: President Bharrat Jagdeo announced US$1 million in financial assistance for Haiti.[350]
  •  Paraguay: Paraguay has dispatched 12 humanitarian workers including doctors and surgeons and over 56.000 kilograms of food to Haiti on 14 January 2010.[351] On 24 January, more aid was sent aboard an Argentine Air Force C-130 Hercules,[352]
  •  Peru: Peru sent a total of aid 100 tons in food and medical aid.[353] Also, 18 health professionals and 2 field hospitals suited for emergency surgical interventions were sent.[354] Peru's MINUSTAH contingent, consisting of 205 peacekeeping troops, will help in Haiti's reorganization.[145] Peru also sent rescue teams with sniffer dogs.
  •  Suriname: Suriname has dispatched military and police personnel to Haiti, as well as blankets and rice.[355]
  •  Uruguay: Uruguay has sent two water purifying plants donated by the national water management company, as well as a team of trained rescuers. The aid was flown to Haiti by an Argentine Air Force C-130.[356]
  •  Venezuela: Foreign Minister Nicolás Maduro ordered 50 members of the "Army of Peace" called brigade "Simón Bolívar" from his country to transport food and aid.[357] The Foreign Ministry has also set up a collection center outside the Casa Amarilla in Caracas so Venezuelans can donate food, water, clothes, and other goods for the people of Haiti.[358] Another brigade was established on Friday with initially 25 members.[359]
In total Venezuela provided; in kind – 616 tons emergency relief, establishment of shipping and air corridor, medical and SAR teams; 116 tons of special machinery for reconstruction; In addition, the Venezuelan government provided food (10,000 tons), non-food items (30,000 tents), medicines and 225,000 barrels of diesel fuel and gasoline and transported SAR teams on six flights (total 107.5 tons; 520 aid personnel)[45] Two Venezuelan Navy ships are "loading the more than 1,200 tons of food such as pasta, sugar and milk, among others, and once we have filled those ships, undoubtedly will be shipped to Haiti" said Luis Díaz Curvelo, National Chief of Lifeguards.[360] President of Venezuela Hugo Chávez promised to send as much gasoline as Haiti needs for electricity generation and transport.[361] Venezuela also donated 225,000 barrels of diesel fuel and gasoline for hospitals and power generators in Haiti.[45][362][363]

Other entities[edit]

  •  Kosovo: The government of Kosovo, which is not universally recognized by foreign governments, donated €50,000.[364][365]
  •  Palestinian territories: Humanitarian efforts in the Gaza Strip resulted in money, food and clothes collected and donated to the local Red Cross for relief efforts.[366][367]
  •  Taiwan (Republic of China): A team of 23 rescue workers and two specially trained dogs were sent.[368] The government of the Republic of China (commonly known as Taiwan) has also promised US$5M and 200 metric tons of rice for relief.[369] A second team of rescuers departed on 16 January, and carried with them more than 3000 kg of equipment and supplies. Also, President Ma Ying-jeou, due to be in Latin America to attend the inauguration of Honduras' president-elect, is planning for a brief stop-over to visit Haiti to express his concern over the deadly earthquake and convey sympathy of Taiwanese people, as well as deliver more aid and provide long-term support for humanitarian reason.[370][371]

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