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GenreNew age, electronic, ambient, krautrock
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Humans Only is the fourth full-length album (1982) by the American electronic band Earthstar. It was their third and final release for Hamburg-based Sky Records (in Germany).

Humans Only was result of a partnership between Earthstar founder Craig Wuest and Utica, New York-based guitarist and songwriter Dan Hapanowicz (credited as Daniel Happ), who replaced longtime guitarist Dennis Rea on this album. Humans Only presented a far more conventional, softer, more guitar-oriented sound than previous releases. It is also the last album on which the Birotron, the rarest of tape loop keyboard instruments, was played by Wuest. The two tracks with "funk" in the title aren't really funk at all, but they do reveal a more playful side to Earthstar's mainly electronic music.

The track "Indian Dances" was originally recorded in 1980, with original drummer/vibraphonist and contributing composer Daniel Zongrone, as part of the Sleeper, the Nightlifer sessions. That album was never released, and a shorter, somewhat pared-down version was recorded for Humans Only.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Rainbow Dome" – 5:48
  2. "Don't You Ever Wonder?" – 4:50
  3. "Indian Dances" – 8:04
  4. "One Flew Over the Ridge" – 5:28
  5. "TV Funk" – 7:38
  6. "Tip Toe Funk" – 13:20
    a. "Umbrey Flowing Lights"
    b. "25 Arrival Pieces"


In addition, a nine piece string section appeared on the album.