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Humanscale is an American company based in New York City, best known for its Freedom chair designed by Niels Diffrient and introduced in 1999.[1][2][3] The chair was considered revolutionary for its internal counterbalance mechanism that allegedly supports the user’s body at all points during recline, a first for task chairs. The Freedom chair's other unique feature is its patented synchronous arms, which adjust simultaneously.[4][5]

Humanscale’s other notable task chair is its Liberty chair, also designed by Niels Diffrient, which was introduced in 2004. The Liberty chair features a tri-panel mesh back design, which allegedly provides lumbar support.[6] Like the Freedom chair, Liberty is also outfitted with a balanced recline mechanism that is supposed to support all sitters throughout recline.

Humanscale also manufactures keyboard support systems, monitor arms, task lighting, and various other ergonomic work tools.[7]


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