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The Humanx Commonwealth is a fictional interstellar ethical/political entity featured in the science fiction novels of Alan Dean Foster.[1][2] The Commonwealth takes its name from its two major sapient species, who jointly inhabit Commonwealth planets and administer both the political and religious/ethical aspects. They are the mammalian Humans of the planet Earth and the insectoid Thranx which dwell upon Hivehom. The Commonwealth is described as a progressive, well-intentioned liberal democracy spanning many star systems, and is somewhat similar to the United Federation of Planets from Star Trek. The Humanx Commonwealth is notable for its portrayal of a human–alien relationship that is not just mutually beneficial but symbiotic, allowing an amalgamation of the two species.

Major species[edit]


Minidrags resemble flying snakes, measure about one meter long. They are empathic telepaths, or "empaths" who rarely bond to a sapient being they deem unworthy.


The Thranx are an insectoid species about 1.5 meters long when on all six legs. They look roughly like very large praying mantises.


The Ulru-Ujurrians are ursine humanoids described as bear-like and two to three times as tall and broad as a human. They are a peaceful race, that communicate largely by telepathy.



The aboriginal race of the planet Alaspin. They are described as humanoid, roughly half the height of a human male, have ten fingers with three digits on each hand, covered in fur, green eyes and a non-prehensile hairless tail.

  • Quillp
  • Tran
  • Vssey


In 1987 Steve Jackson Games published the GURPS Humanx sourcebook for their GURPS roleplaying game.

Commonwealth Stories[edit]

Stories featuring Flinx (a.k.a. Philip Lynx)[edit]

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