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The Humanx Commonwealth is a fictional interstellar ethical/political entity featured in the science fiction novels of Alan Dean Foster.[1][2] The Commonwealth takes its name from its two major sapient species, who jointly inhabit Commonwealth planets and administer both the political and religious/ethical aspects. They are the mammalian Humans of the planet Earth and the insectoid Thranx which dwell upon Hivehom. The Commonwealth is described as a progressive, well-intentioned liberal democracy spanning many star systems, and is somewhat similar to the United Federation of Planets from Star Trek. The Humanx Commonwealth is notable for its portrayal of a human–alien relationship that is not just mutually beneficial but symbiotic, allowing an amalgamation of the two species.

Major species[edit]


Minidrags resemble flying snakes, measure about one meter long. They are empathic telepaths, or "empaths" who rarely bond to a sapient being they deem unworthy.


The Thranx are an insectoid species about 1.5 meters long when on all six legs. They look roughly like very large praying mantises.


The Ulru-Ujurrians are ursine humanoids described as bear-like and two to three times as tall and broad as a human. They are a peaceful race, that communicate largely by telepathy.



The aboriginal race of the planet Alaspin. They are described as humanoid, roughly half the height of a human male, have ten fingers with three digits on each hand, covered in fur, green eyes and a non-prehensile hairless tail. Their manner is hostile to all other races and kill all whom they encounter. They take the eyeballs of those they slay for reasons unknown. Little is known about this race to Xenoanthropologists, who were not even sure how they breed. The only weapon they are known to attack with is the sikambi, a sort of blowgun with an elastic made from a tree sap used in place of air power. The ammo is an arrow with a brass arrowhead. The Otoids lacked in accuracy but made up for it in the sheer number fired in a volley.

  • Quillp
  • Tran
  • Vssey


In 1987 Steve Jackson Games published the GURPS Humanx sourcebook for their GURPS roleplaying game.

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