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La mairie d'Ivry Sur Seine (13-08-2010).jpg
Ivry Town Hall is the finishing point of the race.
Date April
Location Ivry- to Vitry-sur-Seine, France
Event type Road
Distance Half marathon
Established 1986

The Humarathon is an annual half marathon road running event which takes place between Ivry-sur-Seine and Vitry-sur-Seine in France every Easter Weekend (usually April). First held in 1986,[1] the race settled on the Ivry- to Vitry-sur-Seine route in the Val-de-Marne department in 1988.[2] The competition also includes a 10K run in its programme of events.

From its first edition, the race attracted international athletes and the winning times throughout its running have been of a high standard. The course records were both set in 2011: Dino Sefir set the men's best of 59:42 minutes and Sarah Chepchirchir improved the women's record to 1:08:07 hours. The Association of Road Racing Statisticians questions the validity of these marks, indicating a short course or wind-assistance, and recognises the best times for the race as Paul Koech's 1996 run of 1:00:31 hours and Mary Keitany's 2007 time of 1:08:36 hours.[1]

The half marathon has a clockwise, circular route which starts near the Parc des Cormailles, heads east to follow the River Seine southwards, goes west through the town of Vitry, turns north on Boulevard de Stalingrad, and then returns east to the Town Hall at Ivry.[3] Around 2000 runners took part in the half marathon event in 2012.[4]

Among the athletes to have competed and won at the race are 1996 Olympic marathon champion Fatuma Roba, the 2002 European Championships marathon winner Maria Guida, 2004 World Half Marathon Champion Paul Kirui, half marathon world record holder Mary Keitany, two-time World Half Marathon runner-up Hendrick Ramaala and three-time World's Best 10k winner Sammy Kitwara.

In 2016 the half-marathon was cancelled to allow the organisers to focus on the charitable aspects of the event.[5]

Past winners[edit]

The Parc des Cormailles is near the starting point.
The 2005 men's winner Evans Cheruiyot went on to win the Chicago Marathon.
Mary Keitany, the half marathon world record holder, won in 2007.

Key:   Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 1986  Lucio Pereira (POR) ?  Zoya Gavriluk (UKR) ?
2nd 1987  El Mostafa Nechchadi (MAR) ? ? ?
3rd 1988  Luis Horta (POR) 1:03:13  Irina Bogachova (KGZ) 1:13:13
4th 1989  Carlos Reis (POR) 1:03:12  Natalya Bardina (RUS) 1:12:17
5th 1990  Abdellah Béhar (FRA)
 Yakov Tolstikov (URS)
1:02:24  Irina Bogachova (KGZ) ?
6th 1991  Sammy Nyangincha (KEN) 1:00:08  Maria Rebelo (FRA) 1:10:08
7th 1992  Sammy Lelei (KEN) 1:01:36  Irina Kazakova (FRA) 1:14:05
8th 1993  Sid-Ali Sakhri (ALG) 1:01:56  Tatyana Pozdnyakova (UKR) 1:13:27
9th 1994  Mauricio González (MEX) 1:02:39  Fatuma Roba (ETH) 1:12:35
10t 1995  Vincent Rousseau (BEL) 1:01:03  Maria Guida (ITA) 1:11:03
11th 1996  Paul Koech (KEN) 1:00:31  Alina Gherasim (ROM) 1:12:45
12th 1997  John Gwako (KEN) 1:01:19  Berhane Adere (ETH) 1:11:02
13th 1998  Simon Bor Kipruto (KEN) 1:01:59  Jackline Jerotich Chebor (KEN) 1:12:54
14th 1999  Hendrick Ramaala (RSA) 1:00:40  Cristina Costea (ROM) 1:10:09
15th 2000  John Nada Saya (TAN) 1:01:19  Irene Kwambai (KEN) 1:11:41
16th 2001  Laban Kipkemboi (KEN) 1:01:16  Maura Viceconte (ITA) 1:09:19
17th 2002  Paul Kirui (KEN) 1:01:53  Margaret Atodonyang (KEN) 1:11:49
18th 2003  John Kyalo (KEN) 1:00:51  Anne Jelagat Kibor (KEN) 1:12:21
19th 2004  Luke Metto (KEN) 1:02:35  Linah Cheruiyot (KEN) 1:10:58
20th 2005  Evans Cheruiyot (KEN) 1:01:01  Jane Ekimat (KEN) 1:10:39
21st 2006  Martin Sulle (TAN) 1:00:58  Irene Kwambai (KEN) 1:09:54
22nd 2007  Enock Mitei (KEN) 1:01:01  Mary Jepkosgei Keitany (KEN) 1:08:36
23rd 2008  Sammy Kitwara (KEN) 1:01:14  Jane Kiptoo (KEN) 1:10:40
24th 2009  Nicholas Kurgat (UGA) 1:00:37  Peninah Arusei (KEN) 1:09:31
25th 2010  Mustafa Ben Nacer (MAR) 1:05:59  Ria Thienpont (FRA) 1:25:19
26th 2011  Dino Sefir (ETH) 59:42  Sarah Chepchirchir (KEN) 1:08:07
27th 2012  Justus Moranga Mogere (KEN) 1:01:07  Cynthia Jerotich (KEN) 1:10:06
28th 2013  Dawit Woldesilasie (ETH) 1:01:07  Gladys Kipsoi Cherchi (KEN) 1:10:08
29th 2014  Charles Ogari (KEN) 1:01:22  Leonidah Mosop (KEN) 1:11:47
30th 2015  Norbert Kigen (KEN) 1:01:02  Bizunesh Getachu Gudeta (KEN) 1:11:41
2016 Cancelled


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