Humayun (mode)

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Dastgāh-e Homayun (Persian: دستگاه همايون‎) is one of the seven Dastgāhs of Persian Music (Classically, Persian Music is organized into seven Dastgāhs and five Āvāzes, however from a merely technical point of view, one can consider them as an ensemble of 12 Dastgāhs).

This is the seventh mode and consists of 0.5+1.5+0.5 tone, which is created in amalgamation of two tetra-chords with the fourth method. It is able to get sound line of Shushtar mode by changing the tetra-chords’ places in Humayun mode. So, these two modes’ structures are close to each other. It creates deeply mournful feelings at listener.[1] Subgenres of Humayun are: Bardasht, Humayun, Bakhtiari , Feili, Movlavi, Shushtar, Tarkib,Bidad.