Humbert of Maroilles

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Humbert of Maroilles
Born in 652s
Died ~682
Venerated in Eastern Orthodox Church
Roman Catholic Church
Feast March 25
Attributes A star on his forehead; a bear carrying Humbert's baggage; with an angel making a cross on Humbert's brow; with an angel showing Humbert the Cross[1]
Humbert of Maroilles
Humbert of Maroilles

Humbert of Maroilles (died ca. 680) was a Frankish monk, abbot, and saint. He founded Maroilles Abbey. He was born at Mézières-sur-Oise in the early 7th century. His parents were Blessed Evrard and Popita.

He became a Benedictine monk in Laon as well as a disciple of St. Amandus.[2] Humbert was a friend of Aldegundis.[1]

In the year 652, he co-founded and became the first abbot of a monastery at Maroilles.[3] Buildings of this monastery are still present there, although the abbey was ruined in the course of the French Revolution.[2] Saint Curcodomus succeeded him as abbot.[4]


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