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St Humbert
Bishop of Elmham
Appointed before 824
Term ended 845 or 856, or November 869
Predecessor Hunferthus
Successor Eadwulf
Consecration before 824
Personal details
Died 845 or 856, or November 869
Denomination Christian

Humbertus[a] was a medieval Bishop of Elmham.

Humbertus was consecrated before 824. He was martyred by the Danes, and later venerated as Saint Humbert. His death is uncertain; he may have died 845 or 856, or possibly in November 869.[1]

After Humbertus, there was an interruption with the episcopal succession through the Danish Viking invasions in the late 9th and early 10th centuries. By the mid-10th century, the sees Elmham and Dunwich had been united under Bishop Eadwulf.


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