Humble Hearts School

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Humble Hearts School
Sinai, Nairobi
Coordinates 1°15′00″S 36°55′38″E / 1.25012°S 36.927344°E / -1.25012; 36.927344Coordinates: 1°15′00″S 36°55′38″E / 1.25012°S 36.927344°E / -1.25012; 36.927344
Type Bilingual school for the deaf
Established 9 September 2001 (15 years ago) (2001-09-09)
Founder Beatrice Anunda
Principal Beatrice Anunda

Humble Hearts School, Kenya's first bilingual school schools for the deaf using Kenyan Sign Language and English, was started by Beatrice Anunda on 9 September 2003.

Anunda was taught Kenyan Sign Language (in the University of Nairobi's KSL Research Project), and came across a nine-year-old deaf child called Melinda in Doonholm.

The school is based in Sinai (Paradise), a large slum by Doonholm, a middle-class suburb of Nairobi. Lately,[when?] the school, was bulldozed "accidentally" by the government. They are now trying to rebuild it, but the government will not give them a compensation fee.

Humble Hearts has a "sister school", Trillium Charter School, located in Portland, Oregon, United States.

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