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Humble Politician Nograj
Humble Politician Nograj Poster.jpg
Theatrical Poster
Directed bySaad Khan
Produced byPushkara Mallikarjunaiah
Hemanth Rao
Rakshit Shetty
Written byDanish Sait
Saad Khan
Vamsidhar Bhogaraju
Screenplay bySaad Khan
StarringDanish Sait
Vijay Chendoor
Sumukhi Suresh
Roger Narayan
Sruthi Hariharan
Srinivas Prabhu
Music bySricharan Pakala
Jeet Singh
DJ Jasmeet
Prajwal Pai
CinematographyKarm Chawla
Edited byJagadeesh
Ram Sabare
Chandni Asnani
Pushkar Films
Lost & Found Films
Paramvah Studios
Release date
  • January 12, 2018 (2018-01-12)
Running time
2h 25m

Humble Politician Nograj is an Indian Kannada-language comedy film written and directed by Saad Khan. The film stars Danish Sait,[2] who plays the title character of Nograj, a narcissistic crazy politician who exploits a city and its resources. The film is produced by Pushkara Mallikarjunaiah, Hemanth Rao and Rakshit Shetty under the banner Pushkar Films, Lost & Found Films and Paramvah Studios.[3] The plot of this movie resembles the American political satire comedy film The Campaign released in 2018 directed by Jay Roach, written by Shawn Harwell and Chris Henchy.


Nograj (Danish Sait) is a corrupt corporator of a fictitious constituency called DS Nagar, whose MLA, Jagatprabhu F. Kumar, abbreviated JFK (Hanumanthe Gowda), treats corporators as his servants and steals credit for their public achievements. Nograj encounters this firsthand when, after making a hospital pay him for 3 times the cost, Nograj repaves a road but JFK takes credit for it. Afterwards, when Nograj showed his fellow corporators compromising footage of themselves, they plan to kick JFK out. Nograj and his fellow OBP corporators orchestrate a garbage collector strike and also do a no-parking scam, in which the party thugs collect fines for nonexistent parking violations, all to stoke anger against JFK. The combined public anger causes the president KG Byrappa (Akki Basappa) to refuse to let JFK stand in the upcoming MLA election. Nograj convinces the party secretary Gurudas Bhat (Raghu Ramakoppa) to advocate for his candidacy to the vice president of OBP Michael Narayan (Srinivas Prabhu), but Gurudas also says he needs to be noticed in order to be picked. To this end, Nograj bribes the electrician Kempaiah to shut off the power grid. Nograj publicly threatens to cut himself if the power is not returned, which leads to restoration of power.

Arun Patil (Roger Narayan), an honest NRI leading a pharmaceutical company sees the failings of the government around him and decides to try and change it by running for MLA. Patil actually focuses on implementing solution, like installing protective lining under pools of polluted water, trucking water to those affected by water shortages, or giving generators to those affected by Nograj's power outage. In addition, Patil finds out Nograj is behind a scam that is charging people artificially inflated prices for purified water from tankers, leading to constant water shortages. However, he refuses to release the information as a normal politician like Nograj himself would. For his main speech, in order to make a manifesto, Nograj breaks into Patil's office to steal his, which was unsuccessful. Although Patil's co-workers ask him to release the footage of Nograj's break-in, Patil refuses, saying there are more important things for him to focus on. During their speeches, Patil clearly lays out how he could change the government to help the people while Nograj just talks nonsense to paid supporters.

Nograj creates controversies to make Patil seem worse. Nograj tails Patil and doctors footage of him helping his wife Rama (Shruti Harihatan) in a store to claim he had harassed her by taking her clothes off. He also coerces a former Muslim employee of Patil's company to claim he was fired for his religion when he actually had sold pharmaceuticals in the black market. Nograj eventually meets Patil at his house and finds him kind and honest, and begins to think twice about all the mudslinging he is doing and sees that Patil. After his faithful assistant Monjunath (Vijay Chendoor) gets him to remember his true goals of making as much money as possible, Nograj claims that Patil beat him up at their meeting, after Monjunath and his other helper Pramod (Vamsidhar Bhogaraju) beat him up themselves, which quickly gains media attention.

On election day, Nograj's gang convinces people to turn in their voter IDs and uses those to vote for Nograj. At the announcement of results, Nograj wins but tricks Patil into thinking that he will give the title to Patil, then takes the victory, stating that Patil, like everyone else, should be a citizen because he believed Nograj was genuine. The OBP members then celebrate wildly with Nograj. When Rama asks Patil why he didn't reveal Nograj's water scam, he says he would never stoop to Nograj's level.


  • Danish Sait as Humble Politician Nograj,[4] who strives to become the MLA in the election
  • Vijay Chendoor as Monjunath, Nograj's personal assistant
  • Sumukhi Suresh as Lavanya, Nograj's wife and reason why he became a politician
  • Roger Narayan as Arun Patil, the honest opponent of Nograj
  • Sruthi Hariharan as Rama, Arun Patil's wife
  • Vamsidhar Bhogaraju as Pramod, one of Nogaraj's main thugs
  • Raghu Ramankoppa as Secretary Gurudas Bhat, the secretary of OBP
  • Hanumanthe Gowda as Jagatprabhu F Kumar Aka JFK, the MLA Nograj wants to replace
  • Pramod Shetty as Shankar, Arun Patil's personal assistant and campaign manager
  • Shiv Manju as Nanjundaiah, a fellow corporator of OBP and friend of Nograj
  • Srinivas Prabhu as Michael Narayan, vice-president of OBP
  • Akki Basappa as K.G. Byrappa, president of OBP
  • Mohammed Ashraf as Azam Khan, a Muslim corporator from OBP and Nograj's friend
  • Roopesh Naik
  • Vinay Krishnaswamy as Prof. Narasimha, first victim of Nograj's scams
  • Puneeth Rajkumar as himself, in a cameo role as the chief guest at a college commencement


After Danish Sait's popularity playing Nograj in various radio shows and YouTube videos, his long-time producer and friend Saad Khan wrote a film with him based on the same character. They wrote the story in 4 days.[5] Rakshit Shetty and Hemant Rao soon joined as producers and helped them make the film.



The film was released in Bangalore on 12 January.[6] Sait announced the film would also be released in Australia (3 locations), Germany (4 locations) and USA (Over 50 locations) before Republic Day via Instagram and Twitter.

The film was made available on Amazon Prime Video on 7 February and can now be watched in India online.


The movie received generally positive reviews.

The Times of India gave the film 3/5 and stated "Watch it for Nograj, Monjunath and some LOL moments, with a pertinent message in the end."[7] Bangalore Mirror in its review noted that "The film may not resonate with everyone for the same reason that Nograj makes his opponent in the film realise. However, it is an honest effort at a purposeful film." [8]

Indian Express rated the film 3.5/5 and stated "The real victory of Humble Politician Nograj writers Danish Sait and Saad Khan lies in their effort to create a sensible film backed with a clear plot, story, screenplay and cleverly-written dialogues."[9]


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