Humboldt Fog

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Humboldt Fog
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Country of originUnited States
Region, townCalifornia
TownArcata, Humboldt County
Source of milkGoats
Aging time60 days

Humboldt Fog is a goat milk cheese made by Cypress Grove, of Arcata, California, in Humboldt County. It is named for the local ocean fog which rolls in from Humboldt Bay.

Humboldt Fog is a mold-ripened cheese with a central line of edible white ash much like Morbier. The cheese ripens starting with the bloomy mold exterior, resulting in a core of fresh goat cheese surrounded by a runny shell. As the cheese matures, more of the originally crumbly core is converted to a soft-ripened texture. The bloomy mold and ash rind are edible but fairly tasteless. The cheese is creamy, light, and mildly acidic with a stronger flavor near the rind.

This cheese won first-place awards from the American Cheese Society in 1998, 2002 and 2005.[1]

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