Humbug Marsh

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Humbug Marsh
Country United States
State Michigan
County Wayne County
City Gibraltar and Trenton
Coordinates 42°06′57″N 83°11′18″W / 42.11583°N 83.18833°W / 42.11583; -83.18833Coordinates: 42°06′57″N 83°11′18″W / 42.11583°N 83.18833°W / 42.11583; -83.18833

Humbug Marsh, a 1.88 square kilometres (0.73 sq mi) wetland in southeastern Wayne County, Michigan, is a constituent element of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge. It is listed as a RAMSAR wetland of international importance.[1]

Although Humbug Marsh is located within heavily populated Metro Detroit, it is acclaimed as a high-quality remnant of the wetlands that once lined both sides of the international Detroit River. This slow-flowing river was a hotspot of biological diversity, particularly as a location for fish spawning. The remnant marsh is classified as a place of "importance to threatened, endangered, and vulnerable species and ecological communities."[1]

Humbug Marsh is located on the shoreline of the Detroit River, straddling the boundary line between Gibraltar and Trenton in southeastern Wayne County, Michigan. A small offshore island (Humbug Island) is included within the official boundaries of the Marsh.[1]

The Humbug Marsh parking lot is located at 5437 West Jefferson Avenue, Trenton, Michigan.[1]