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Genre Children's television series
Country of origin United Kingdom
Running time 24 minutes
Production company(s) King Rollo Films
Original network Nick Jr.
Original release October 3, 2008 (2008-10-03) – May 20, 2009 (2009-05-20)

Humf is a British animated children's television program featuring a "furry thing" called Humf. The show centres on the title character and his daily life with his friends and family. The show, each episode of which is about 7 minutes long, is produced by King Rollo Films and Rubber Duck.[1] It is narrated by Caroline Quentin and it is broadcast on Nick Jr. and Nick Jr. 2 in the UK and Ireland, ABC in Australia (15 December 2008 - 30 August 2015) and CBeebies in some international countries.[2]

Main characters[edit]


Humf is the main character and is the best mate of Wallace and Loon. Humf lives in the middle flat with Wallace at the top of him and Loon at the bottom of him. Humf is a furry thing and is also short, round,cuddly and very curious about the world around him. He has a rather square shaped toy named Crispy Cakehead


Wallace is a green hairy thing who runs around a lot and often ruins games on Humf and Loon, though not deliberately. He laughs quite a lot, too, and lives on the very top floor of the 3-story building. He always says hello more than once and his other catchphrase is saying things are his "favourite thing". He also likes to play supertiger (Wallace Gets Very Cross), elephants. & Falling Down (Humf & Wallace Fall Down). He is best friends with Humf and Loon.


Loon is a pink feathery thing who lives in the flat below Humf. She likes to go out to the park and the supermarket, most of the time with her friends Humf and Wallace, along with her mother. She is the only one of the three friends who has yet to be shown a father. She is also described as being a snob as she always gets her own way.


The characters homes

Most episodes will spend some time in one or another of the main characters flats.

The park

Often, episodes will spend some time in a local park which is within walking distance of the flats and involves crossing a road to get there. The park has play equipment as well as a sand pit and green open spaces to run around in.

Typical plot[edit]

In general, plots are centred on Humf and his exploration of the world. An example would be when Humf and his friends go to the park and see litter on the floor. They discuss it and then start to pick it up and put it in the bin with increasing vigour. Humf's mum interrupts when he goes to pick up a banana skin and explains that to be safe they should not attempt to pick up all litter as some is yucky.

Other details[edit]

The series is aimed at pre-school children and was created by Andrew Brenner, directed by Neil Fitzgibben and produced by Alexi Wheeler.

Episode list[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Season 1 was released in 2008, airing 78 episodes.

  1. Humf's Painting
  2. Loon's New Handbag
  3. Wallace Pretends Too Much
  4. Loon's Pushchair
  5. Humf Goes Very High
  6. Wallace's Quiet Game
  7. Humf's Red Mittens
  8. Humf Climbs A Mountain
  9. Uncle Hairy's Restaurant
  10. Uncle Hairy's Cinema
  11. Humf And The Fluffy Thing
  12. Mum And Dad's Party
  13. Humf's Shadow
  14. Humf Hangs Up The Laundry
  15. Humf Is Hiding
  16. Humf And The Scary Thing
  17. Humf's Special Stick
  18. Humf And The Hole In The Park
  19. Humf And The Balloons
  20. Humf's Special Cup
  21. Humf's Ball
  22. Humf And The Tickle Monster
  23. Humf And The Moon
  24. Humf And All The Stars
  25. Uncle Hairy's Band
  26. Humf Goes Fast
  27. Humf's New Word
  28. Humf Gets Lost
  29. Humf Bakes Biscuits
  30. Humf In The Fog
  31. Slow Down, Wallace
  32. Humf's Big Boots
  33. Wallace's Bath
  34. Humf And The Ants
  35. Humf's Friends
  36. Humf Is A Furry Thing
  37. Humf's Favourite Book
  38. Humf Wakes Up Early
  39. Humf's Picnic
  40. Loon's Best Friend
  41. Wallace's Favourite Toy
  42. Everyone Wants To Sit Next To Uncle Hairy
  43. Loon's Ballet Lesson
  44. Humf's Surprise
  45. Humf and the Bedbugs
  46. Humf and Wallace Fall Down
  47. Humf Changes His Mind
  48. Humf's Dad Goes on an Aeroplane
  49. Crispy Cakehead is Sad
  50. Loon's House
  51. Humf and the Wind
  52. Humf Puts it in the Bin
  53. Humf's Dog
  54. Humf and Loon's Special Treat
  55. Wallace's Tie
  56. Uncle Hairy's Keys
  57. Mum's Flower
  58. Fireman Wallace
  59. Loon's Treasure
  60. Loon's Jack in the Box
  61. Humf's Splinter
  62. Wallace Won't Come Home
  63. Wallace's Bubbles
  64. Uncle Hairy's Take Away
  65. Loon's Paddling Pool
  66. Humf Goes Swimming
  67. Humf's New Name
  68. Humf's Busy Family
  69. Loon's Blackboard
  70. Humf is Very Big
  71. Humf's Mum's Phone
  72. Everybody Copies Uncle Hairy
  73. Humf's Dad Stays in Bed
  74. Flora Comes to Babysit
  75. Loon Goes Far Away
  76. Loon Gets Stuck
  77. Uncle Hairy's Magic
  78. Wallace Gets Very Cross

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