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Bogart in 1940

Humphrey Bogart was an American film actor whose career spanned nearly three decades. During that time he appeared in 75 feature films, including In a Lonely Place, Angels with Dirty Faces, Sabrina, The Big Sleep, To Have and Have Not, and The Caine Mutiny.

While many of his early films were supporting roles in major films starring James Cagney, Edward G. Robinson, George Raft, or Bette Davis, as well as leads or second leads in B pictures, often type-cast as a gangster, Bogart would later play such notable roles as Fred C. Dobbs in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon, Charlie Allnut in The African Queen, and Rick Blaine in Casablanca.

Bogart was nominated three times for a Best Actor Oscar by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, winning for the African Queen in 1951.

Many of Bogart's movies have been remade such as: The Big Sleep (1978), We're No Angels (1989), Desperate Hours (1990), and Sabrina (1995).



Year Film Role Director Notes
1928 Dancing Town, TheThe Dancing Town Man in Doorway at Dance Edmund Lawrence
1930 Broadway's Like That Ruth's Fiance Arthur Hurley
Up the River Steve Jordan John Ford
Devil with Women, AA Devil with Women Tom Standish Irving Cummings
1931 Body and Soul Jim Watson Alfred Santell
Bad Sister Valentine Corliss Hobart Henley
Women of All Nations Stone Raoul Walsh (scenes deleted)
Holy Terror, AA Holy Terror Steve Nash Irving Cummings
1932 Love Affair Jim Leonard Thornton Freeland
Big City Blues Shep Adkins Mervyn LeRoy Uncredited
Three on a Match Harve Mervyn LeRoy
1934 Midnight Garboni Chester Erskine
1936 Petrified Forest, TheThe Petrified Forest Duke Mantee Archie Mayo
Bullets or Ballots Nick "Bugs" Fenner William Keighley
Two Against the World Sherry Scott William C. McGann
China Clipper Hap Stuart Ray Enright
Isle of Fury Valentine "Val" Stevens Frank McDonald
1937 Black Legion Frank Taylor Archie Mayo
Great O'Malley, TheThe Great O'Malley John Phillips William Dieterle
Marked Woman David Graham Lloyd Bacon
San Quentin Joe "Red" Kennedy Lloyd Bacon
Kid Galahad Turkey Morgan Michael Curtiz
Dead End Hugh "Baby Face" Martin William Wyler
Stand-In Doug Quintain Tay Garnett
1938 Swing Your Lady Ed Hatch Ray Enright
Crime School Deputy Commissioner Mark Braden Lewis Seiler
Men Are Such Fools Harry Galleon Busby Berkeley
Racket Busters Pete "Czar" Martin Lloyd Bacon
Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse, TheThe Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse "Rocks" Valentine Anatole Litvak
Angels with Dirty Faces James Frazier Michael Curtiz
Swingtime in the Movies Himself Crane Wilbur Uncredited
1939 King of the Underworld Joe Gurney Lewis Seiler
Oklahoma Kid, TheThe Oklahoma Kid Whip McCord Lloyd Bacon
You Can't Get Away with Murder Frank Wilson Lewis Seiler
Dark Victory Michael O'Leary Edmund Goulding
Roaring Twenties, TheThe Roaring Twenties George Hally Raoul Walsh
Return of Doctor X, TheThe Return of Doctor X Dr. Maurice Xavier, aka Marshall Quesne Vincent Sherman
Invisible Stripes Chuck Martin Lloyd Bacon
1940 Virginia City John Murrell Michael Curtiz
It All Came True Grasselli aka Chips Maguire Lewis Seiler
Brother Orchid Jack Buck Lloyd Bacon
They Drive by Night Paul Fabrini Raoul Walsh


Year Film Role Director Leading Lady Notes
1941 High Sierra Roy Earle Raoul Walsh Ida Lupino
Wagons Roll at Night, TheThe Wagons Roll at Night Nick Coster Ray Enright Sylvia Sidney
Maltese Falcon, TheThe Maltese Falcon Sam Spade John Huston Mary Astor
1942 All Through the Night Alfred 'Gloves' Donahue Vincent Sherman Kaaren Verne
Big Shot, TheThe Big Shot Joseph "Duke" Berne Lewis Seiler Irene Manning
Across the Pacific Rick Leland John Huston Mary Astor
Casablanca Rick Blaine Michael Curtiz Ingrid Bergman
1943 Action in the North Atlantic Lt. Joe Rossi Lloyd Bacon Julie Bishop
Sahara Sgt. Joe Gunn Zoltan Korda
Thank Your Lucky Stars Himself David Butler
1944 Passage to Marseille Jean Matrac Michael Curtiz Michele Morgan
To Have and Have Not Harry "Steve" Morgan Howard Hawks Lauren Bacall
I Am an American[1] Himself Crane Wilbur
1945 Conflict Richard Mason Curtis Bernhardt Alexis Smith
1946 Two Guys From Milwaukee Himself David Butler Uncredited
Big Sleep, TheThe Big Sleep Philip Marlowe Howard Hawks Lauren Bacall
Never Say Goodbye Phil's Bogart impression James V. Kern Voice
1947 Dead Reckoning Capt. "Rip" Murdock John Cromwell Lizabeth Scott
Two Mrs. Carrolls, TheThe Two Mrs. Carrolls Geoffrey Carroll Peter Godfrey Barbara Stanwyck
Dark Passage Vincent Parry Delmer Daves Lauren Bacall
1948 Always Together Himself Frederick De Cordova Uncredited
Treasure of the Sierra Madre, TheThe Treasure of the Sierra Madre Fred C. Dobbs John Huston
Key Largo Frank McCloud John Huston Lauren Bacall
1949 Knock on Any Door Andrew Morton Nicholas Ray
Tokyo Joe Joseph "Joe" Barrett Stuart Heisler Florence Marly
1950 Chain Lightning Lt. Col. Matthew "Matt" Brennan Stuart Heisler Eleanor Parker
In a Lonely Place Dixon Steele Nicholas Ray Gloria Grahame


Year Film Role Director Leading Lady Notes
1951 Enforcer, TheThe Enforcer Dist. Atty. Martin Ferguson Bretaigne Windust
Sirocco Harry Smith Curtis Bernhardt Märta Torén
African Queen, TheThe African Queen Charlie Allnut John Huston Katharine Hepburn Won Academy Award
1952 Deadline—U.S.A. Ed Hutcheson Richard Brooks Kim Hunter
1953 Road to Bali, TheThe Road to Bali Himself Hal Walker
Battle Circus Maj. Jed Webbe Richard Brooks June Allyson
Beat the Devil Billy Dannreuther John Huston Jennifer Jones, Gina Lollobrigida
1954 Caine Mutiny, TheThe Caine Mutiny Lt. Cmdr. Philip Francis Queeg Edward Dmytryk
Sabrina Linus Larrabee Billy Wilder Audrey Hepburn
Barefoot Contessa, TheThe Barefoot Contessa Harry Dawes Joseph L. Mankiewicz Ava Gardner
The Love Lottery Cameo role at end as himself in British Ealing comedy Charles Crichton Uncredited
1955 We're No Angels Joseph Michael Curtiz
Left Hand of God, TheThe Left Hand of God James "Jim" Carmody Edward Dmytryk Gene Tierney
Desperate Hours, TheThe Desperate Hours Glenn Griffin William Wyler
1956 Harder They Fall, TheThe Harder They Fall Eddie Willis Mark Robson Jan Sterling (final film role)


Posthumously reprised role of Philip Marlowe (via stock footage from The Big Sleep) in Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid.


Bogart appeared in Tales from the Crypt (season 6, episode 15) "You Murderer" (via archive footage), which also starred John Lithgow and was directed by Robert Zemekis.

Box office ranking[edit]

At the height of his fame, film exhibitors regularly voted Bogart among the most popular stars in the US (the Quigley Annual Poll) and the UK:

  • 1943: 7th (US)
  • 1944: 7th (US)
  • 1945: 6th (US)
  • 1946: 6th (US)
  • 1947: 5th (US)
  • 1948: 6th (US)
  • 1949: 9th (US)
  • 1952: 18th (US), 10th (UK)
  • 1953: 24th (US)
  • 1954: 12th (US)
  • 1955: 8th (US), 10th (UK)


  1. ^ The 16 minute film, I Am an American, was featured in American theaters as a short feature in connection with "I Am an American Day" (now called Constitution Day). I Am an American was produced by Gordon Hollingshead, also written by Crane Wilbur. Besides Bogart, it featured Gary Gray, Dick Haymes, Danny Kaye, Joan Leslie, Dennis Morgan, Knute Rockne, and Jay Silverheels. See: I Am An American at the TCM Movie Database and I Am an American at the Internet Movie Database.