Humphrey Morrey

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Humphrey Morrey
1st Mayor of Philadelphia
In office
Personal details
Born c.1650
Died 1716
Province of Pennsylvania

Humphrey Morrey, or Murrey (c. 1650—1716) was the first Mayor of Philadelphia under William Penn's 1691 charter.[1] He was not elected, but rather was appointed by Penn.[2] He was ancestor of the singer, actor, and political activist Paul Robeson.[citation needed]

Morrey was one of the 15 founders of Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania.[citation needed]

Morrey first came to Philadelphia in 1683 and worked as a merchant. In 1685, he was appointed a justice of the peace. In 1687, and again in 1690, he was chosen to the provincial assembly. In the charter of March 20, 1691, by which Philadelphia was incorporated as a city, Morrey was appointed mayor. The length of his term was 10 years. In 1701, he was succeeded by Edward Shippen, who was appointed by Penn to a one-year term, then re-elected to a second term by the City Council.


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Preceded by
Mayor of Philadelphia
Succeeded by
Edward Shippen