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Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty Magazine Cover.jpg
Categories Children's magazine
Frequency Bimonthly
First issue October 1952 (1952-October)
Company Saturday Evening Post Society
Country United States
ISSN 0273-7590

Humpty Dumpty is a bimonthly American magazine for children 5 to 7 years old that takes its title from the nursery rhyme of the same name. The magazine features short stories, poems, nonfiction articles, games, comics, recipes, crafts, and more. Having been continuously produced for 60 years, it is one of the oldest American magazines for kids.[1]


As part of the Children’s Better Health Institute—a division of the Saturday Evening Post Society Inc., a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization—Humpty Dumpty’s mission is to promote the healthy physical, educational, creative, social, and emotional growth of children in a format that is engaging, stimulating, and entertaining for children ages 5 to 7.


1952 cover of Humpty Dumpty Magazine.
The first cover of Humpty Dumpty in 1952.

Humpty Dumpty Magazine (then called Humpty Dumpty’s Magazine) was launched by George J. Hecht and Parents magazine in October 1952. Originally, it was a sister publication to Children's Digest, aimed at a younger audience than the latter publication. The first editor of Humpty Dumpty was Harold Schwartz. In January 1980, both Humpty Dumpty and Children’s Digest came under the ownership of the nonprofit Saturday Evening Post Society. When Children's Digest was merged with Jack and Jill in 2009, Humpty Dumpty was continued.

Today, children’s author Terry Webb Harshman edits Humpty Dumpty under the direction of Steven Slon. Humpty Dumpty is one of three children's publications in the U.S. Kids family of magazines, which are published by the Children’s Better Health Institute, a division of the nonprofit Saturday Evening Post Society. Its two sister publications under the U.S. Kids banner are Jack and Jill (for children ages 7 to 12) and Turtle Magazine for Preschool Kids.


• U.S. Kids Cover Contest: Humpty Dumpty holds an annual themed cover contest in which readers submit their artwork.[2] One submission is then chosen by a panel of professional illustrators to be used as the cover of the magazine. Each first-, second-, and third-place winner receives prizes and up to $1,500 for his or her school’s art program. School art programs have been awarded more than $25,000 from the contest so far.[3]

• “Humpty’s Art Gallery”: Selected entries from the cover contest are printed in each issue of the magazine as “Humpty’s Art Gallery.”

• “Build a Book”: Each issue of Humpty comes with a mini book that kids can cut out, put together, and collect. The age-appropriate book encourages independent reading.

• Comics: Each issue includes a four-page comic detailing the exploits of Humpty Dumpty and his pals Kylie and Butch as they have adventures and learn about friendship, kindness, responsibility, and acceptance.

• “Mix & Fix”: Each issue of the magazine includes a healthy, easy-to make recipe that kids can prepare with the help of an adult or by themselves. The recipes promote healthy eating by incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and muscle-building proteins.

• “Ready, Set, Create!”: Each issue offers a new and unique age-appropriate craft that promotes the development of creativity and fine motor skills.

• Games/Puzzles: Humpty Dumpty offers several pages of challenging puzzles and games, which promote problem-solving and independent thinking.

• Amazing Animals: Each issue focuses on an amazing creature from the animal kingdom, combining fun facts and cool photos.

Notable contributors[edit]

Margaret Wise Brown, legendary author of children’s literature, including Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny.

Lilian Moore, legendary poet, children’s author, and editor.

Celebrated mathematics and science writer Martin Gardner was a contributing editor to Humpty Dumpty for eight years in the 1950s, creating the activity features and writing short stories about the adventures of Humpty Dumpty, Jr., as well as poems of moral advice.

Charles Ghigna (“Father Goose”), renowned poet and children’s book author of 100 award-winning books, including a Pulitzer Prize nomination for Returning to Earth, sits on Humpty Dumpty’s editorial advisory board and has had his work published in the magazine.

Eileen Spinelli, award-winning poet and author of more than 65 books for children. Since her debut in 1991 with Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch, an IRA/CBC Children's Choice book and Christopher Award winner, Spinelli has gone on to author numerous picture books, poetry collections, and chapter books, including the best-selling When Mama Comes Home Tonight and the critically acclaimed Sophie's Masterpiece.

Renowned comic book writer Justin Gray contributed scripts for Humpty Dumpty’s comics pages for several years.


Parents’ Choice Award Approved Winner, 2012

Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award for “Autumn Moon,” 2011

Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner, 2011

iParenting Media Awards Best Product Winner, 2009


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