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Humpty Dumpty Snack Foods
FoundedScarborough, Maine,
United States (1947)
FoundersGeorge Robinson
Norman Cole
HeadquartersWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
ParentBorden (1989–2000)
Small Fry (2000–2006)
Old Dutch Foods

Humpty Dumpty Snack Foods is an American food company, operating as a subsidiary of Old Dutch Foods, that packages and sells snack foods. The company is named after the nursery rhyme character and features the character as the company logo.


Humpty Dumpty Potato Chip Company, Inc. was founded in 1947[1] in Scarborough, Maine, USA by George Robinson and Norman Cole,[2] producing ketchup-flavoured and sour-cream-and-clam-flavoured chips, among others.

The company was acquired by Borden, Inc. in February 1989.[3]

In January 2000, it was then sold to the Canadian firm Small Fry, formally adopting the name Humpty Dumpty Snack Foods Inc.[4]

In 2006, the company was acquired in a takeover bid by Old Dutch Foods. After the acquisition, Humpty Dumpty potato chip products were rebranded as Old Dutch potato chips. Old Dutch Foods kept the Humpty Dumpty label though, and still sells all their flavors of chips in the USA. In Canada only the snack line, and not the potato chip line, appears under the Humpty Dumpty label.

Humpty Dumpty originally sold a variety of potato chip flavors. For the original brand of chips, they included Regular, BBQ, Ketchup, Dill Pickle, Salt and Vinegar, Roast Chicken, Sour Cream and Onion, Smokin' Bacon, and a St-Hubert rotisserie chicken flavor.

For their ridged chip line, called Ripples, there were five varieties: Regular, Buffalo Wing, BBQ & Cheddar, Au Gratin, and All-Dressed. And finally, for their line of kettle-cooked chips, flavors featured were Regular, Jalapeño, Salt and Vinegar, BBQ, and Cheddar.

The previous Humpty Dumpty logos from a 2003-05 Chevrolet Silverado

Current product line[edit]

The current Humpty Dumpty snack line of products include Bacon & Hickory Potato Sticks, BBQ Corn Chips, BBQ Ringolos, Ketchup Ringolos, Chedacorn, Cheese Sticks, Cruncheez (in both Regular and Nacho Cheese), Party Mix (Original, Cheesy, and All Dressed), and Sour Cream & Onion Rings.

The current Humpty Dumpty Potato chip line of products include (only in the USA) Regular, BBQ, Ketchup, Dill Pickle, Salt and Vinegar, "Buffalo Wings & Cheese" and for a limited time was selling Chedder & Sour Cream during the winter months of 2011. The current Humpty Dumpty Potato ridged chip line of products include (only in the USA) Regular, and All-Dressed.


The company announced it will close its Quebec-based Montreal Humpty Dumpty plant (in operation since 1964), on September 27, 2013. Lachine is closed. Four other Canadian plants, in other provinces, are unaffected.[5]


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