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For other uses, see Humsafar (disambiguation).
Name of series in native language and three faces, one male and two female.
Genre Family Drama
Serial drama
Created by Momina Duraid
Based on Humsafar
by Farhat Ishtiaq
Written by Farhat Ishtiaq
Directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat
Starring Mahira Khan
Fawad Afzal Khan
Naveen Waqar
Noor Hassan
Atiqa Odho
Hina Khawaja Bayat
Theme music composer Waqar Ali
Opening theme "Woh Humsafar Tha"
by Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch
Composer(s) MAD Music
Country of origin Pakistan
Original language(s) Urdu
No. of episodes 23
Producer(s) Momina Duraid
Editor(s) Kashif Ahmed
Tanveer Aalam
Rao Rizwan
Danish Usmani
Faisal Saleem
Location(s) Hyderabad
Karachi, Sindh
Cinematography Shehzad Kashmiri
Camera setup Multi-Camera
Running time 38-42 minutes
Production company(s) MD Productions
Original network Hum TV
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
720p (HDTV)
Audio format Stereo
Original release

24 September 2011 (2011-09-24) – 3 March 2012 (2012-03-03)

International Runnings: Pony tv(2015)
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Hum Television
MD Productions

Humsafar (Urdu: ہم سفر‎, Ham-safar) (English: Companion) is a Pakistani drama television series directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat, based on a novel of the same name written by Farhat Ishtiaq. It originally aired on Hum TV from 24 September 2011 to 3 March 2012. It was preceded by Mastana Mahi and followed by Durr-e-Shahwar. The story revolves around the trials and tribulations of a married couple.[1]


Episode 1 - 10[edit]

Humsafar is a story about three individuals, Khirad, Ashar and Sara who are poles apart from one another, yet they end up being woven in a love triangle, and thus the true love faces certain obstacles to prove itself. Khirad (Mahira Khan) hails from a small locality in Hyderabad, and lives with her bed-ridden mother Maimoona (Saba Faisal). Maimoona's brother Baseerat Hussain (Behroze Sabzwari) is wealthy and is married to Fareeda Hussain (Atiqa Odho). They have a son Ashar (Fawad Afzal Khan). Maimoona who is dying of cancer, seeks her brother's help in getting Khirad married. Baseerat promises that Ashar will marry Khirad, much to Farida's shock as Farida has always expected that Ashar would marry her sister's Zarina Ajmal's (Hina Khawaja Bayat) daughter Sara (Naveen Waqar). Ashar and Khirad reluctantly get married at Maimoona's death bed. Sara is shocked to hear of this news and tries to commit suicide by slitting her wrist. Both Ashar and Khirad feel that they have been forced on each other. Ashar promises Khirad that he will try his best to make the marriage work. Khirad is deeply hurt by the fact that she has been forced into a stranger's life and feels her self-respect has been lost. Gradually, the couple starts falling deeply in love with each other. Ashar admires Khirad's innocence, simplicity and purity of heart. Khirad falls for Ashar because of his caring and charming personality. When Sara humiliates Khirad, she is reprimanded by Ashar for her callousness. Baseerat falls ill and before he dies, he warns his son of the need to protect innocent Khirad from the wiles of the world. Ashar, already in love with his new wife, agrees. Khirad encouraged by Ashar, enrolls for graduate studies. She meets Khizar, Sara's paternal cousin, who has strong feelings for Sara. Khizar starts to visit Ashar's house, while praising Khirad which makes Ashar jealous. Khirad suddenly gets pregnant with Ashar's baby.

Episode 11-14[edit]

Farida offers to give Khizar money, pay for Khizar to study in USA and marry Sara if he can convince Ashar that he is having an affair with Khirad. Sara lies to Khizar and acts like she is deeply in love, telling him that she'll marry him when he returns. Khizar contrives to have Ashar see what appears to be Khirad and him getting intimate alone in his apartment. Farida admits to Khirad that she would never allow a school teacher's daughter to be her daughter-in-law. She tells Khirad that she is unfit to be her house servant. She goes on to say that she raised her son in such a perfect way, that she won't allow her son to throw it all away on a lower class woman. Khirad protests and calls Khizar, who falsely keeps insisting that she has an affair with him. Farida backs Khizar's lies and kicks Khirad out of the house before Ashar can speak to her. Before leaving, Khirad leaves a note for Ashar. Heartbroken and alone, Khirad takes refuge with her mother's friend Batool Bano in Hyderabad. She calls Ashar to tell him the truth about what happened, but he hangs up when he finds out who is calling. After a few months, Khirad goes into labor and calls Ashar one last time, who hangs up once he finds who is on the line. Khirad gives birth to a baby girl whom she names Hareem. Khirad vows that she will never forgive Ashar for what he did to her.

Episode 15-20[edit]

Khirad reluctantly goes to Karachi, on her friend's advice, to visit her estranged husband to seek financial assistance for the treatment of their daughter Hareem, who needs an open heart surgery. At first he refuses to help, but later he relents and moves the both of them in his house. Ashar and Khirad play doting parents in Hareem's presence. Sara spots Ashar with his wife and daughter at a restaurant. After making comments that anger Ashar, she leaves angrily and calls Farida who is attending a conference in New York. Farida quickly returns and threatens to throw Khirad back on the streets of Karachi again. Khirad threatens to tell Ashar the truth about what happened that night. Ashar tells Sara that he never had a romantic feelings for her and suggests that she move on. Khizar arrives from America and blackmails Farida by saying that he will tell Ashar the truth about Khirad's innocence, if Sara does not marry him. Farida insists Sara to get married to Khizar, and that after a few months she will get them divorced and get her married to Ashar but Sara and her mother refuse. Hareem's operation is successful. Ashar finds himself redeveloping feelings for Khirad.

Episode 21 - 23[edit]

Khizar visits Farida and threatens to reveal the truth to Ashar. When Ashar confronts Farida about Khizar, she lies that Khizar wants Ashar and Khirad to get divorced. Zareena is distressed at seeing Sara's depression. Ashar attempts to reconcile with Khirad for the sake of their daughter .Khirad rejects him, deciding to leave Hareem in his care. Khirad says goodbye to her sleeping daughter, surrendering her rights over Hareem. Khizar visits Ashar to tell him the truth, but Ashar angrily slaps him and has security escort him out. A depressed Ashar remembers the romantic moments that he and Khirad had together. He discovers Khirad's original note that she left behind 4 years ago and finds out the truth. Ashar overhears his mother's phone call with Khizar, revealing their duplicity. Farida stumbles upon Khirad's letter and is very distressed that her son finally knows about the truth about what she did to him. Sara commits suicide, leaving her mother in complete shock and despair. Her mother blames Farida for Sara's death. Ashar goes to Hyderabad to get Khirad back on the pretense that Hareem has stopped eating. Ashar accuses Farida of destroying his happy life that he and Khirad had and blames himself for not trusting his wife. Distraught Farida loses her sanity when confronted by the illusions of her dead husband, Sara and Khirad. Ashar attempts to reconcile with Khirad, asks her to take him back and begs for her forgiveness. Khirad finally takes him back. Three months later, the climax sees Ashar and Khirad being a happy family.


Guest Appearances[edit]


Woh Humsafar Tha
Soundtrack album by Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch
Genre Theme song
Length 39:47
Language Urdu
Producer Momina Duraid

The theme song " Woh Humsafar Tha " was composed by Waqar Ali and sung by Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch. It was written by Naseer Turabi in 1971 after the fall of Dhaka. The lines of the song are frequently used during the course of the show.

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. "Woh Humsafar Tha"   Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch 6:26

Critical reception[edit]

Some people regarded it as revival of drama industry.[2][3] According to critics the show was socially regressive and demonstrated the misogynistic mentality prevalent in society.[4] Sabahat Zakariya wrote, "If Haseena Moin was the benchmark of mass popularity back then, then Humsafar is an indicator of our endemic regressiveness."[5] The series has gained a very large audience internationally.[6]

The Star reported that the Humsafar page on Facebook has thousands of European and North American fans and viewers, with many saying they've never watched a Pakistani drama but are completely hooked on Humsafar.[7]


Hum TV gave the show its Hum Honorary Phenomenal Serial Award.[8]


Humsafar was dubbed into Arabic and broadcast by MBC in the Middle East, under the name Rafeeq-Al-Rouhرفيق الروح.The show immediately gained immense popularity and after airing its first few episodes, became the most watched drama on the channel. Because of its popularity the show was re-runed after few months. Before this Pakistani dramas were not as popular in the Middle East due to language barriers and also due to the popularity of Latin drama


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