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Humsafar Express

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Humsafar Express
Service typeSuperfast
First service16 December 2016; 7 years ago (2016-12-16)
Current operator(s)Indian Railways and IRCTC
On-board services
Seating arrangementsYes
Sleeping arrangementsYes
Catering facilitiesOn-board catering
vending machines
Observation facilitiesLarge windows in all carriages, operated by both state and private operators.
Entertainment facilitiesReading lights
Electric & USB outlets
Baggage facilitiesUnderseat
Other facilitiesSmoke alarms
CCTV cameras
Baby changing table
Odour-control system
Passenger information system
Rolling stockLHB rake
Track gauge5 ft 6 in (1,676 mm) broad gauge
Operating speed130 km/h
Track owner(s)Indian Railways

Humsafar Express is a fully premium service with AC-3 Tier and Sleeper class accommodation having all the modern facilities designed and operated by Indian Railways. "Humsafar" is a Urdu word meaning "co-passenger" The first service was inaugurated on 16 December 2016 between Gorakhpur and Anand Vihar Terminal, New Delhi. The fares of Humsafar Express at the time of launch are around 15–20% higher compared to normal AC-3 tier and Sleeper class fares.


The features included for its fleets are:[1][2]

  • In the month of September 2019, Railways decided to add Sleeper class to provide better service to middle class passengers.
  • Railways has added a changing table for babies in the toilet.
  • Vending machines are installed for tea, coffee and milk.
  • 110 V DC electric ports and USB ports are provided for each passenger.
  • Reading lights for each passenger.
  • More comfortable berths than the previous 3-tier AC sleeper rakes.
  • Seat-number stickers are braille-integrated.
  • Each compartment has Bio-toilets fitted for proper disposal of human waste.
  • The exterior of coaches has a futuristic look with the use of Vinyl sheets.
  • GPS-based passenger information system at each end of the coach to display speed and station information on LED displays with voice announcements.
  • Compartments are equipped with smoke alarms and CCTV cameras to enhance passenger security.
  • Heating chamber and refrigerating box are installed in each coach to preserve the food that was brought from home by the passengers.
  • Curtains to maintain privacy and a dustbin to maintain cleanliness is provided in each cabin.
  • Each coach has three odour control systems fitted across the aisle.
  • Automatic doors
  • Khadi bedrolls are provided.[3]
  • It has 1.15 times the fare of AC Super fast Express[4]

However most of these Humsafar trains run with regular 3AC coaches without these enhancements. There are only a few trains that run with Humsafar coaches.

Active services[edit]

Sr. no. Train name Train no. Zone Frequency Inauguration Operator
1 Gorakhpur–Anand Vihar Terminal Humsafar Express (via Barhni) 12571/12572 NER Four times a week 16 December 2016 Indian Railways
2 Gorakhpur–Anand Vihar Terminal Humsafar Express (via Basti) 12595/12596 NER Tri-weekly 20 December 2016 Indian Railways
3 Agartala–SMVT Bengaluru Humsafar Express 12503/12504 NFR Bi-weekly 30 December 2016 Indian Railways
4 Howrah–SMVT Bengaluru Humsafar Express 22887/22888 SER Weekly 20 January 2017 Indian Railways
5 Sri Ganganagar–Tiruchirappalli Humsafar Express 22497/22498 NWR Weekly 27 February 2017 Indian Railways
6 Durg–Hazrat Nizamuddin Humsafar Express 22867/22868 SECR Bi-weekly 22 April 2017 Indian Railways
7 Chennai–Ahmedabad Humsafar Express 22919/22920 WR Weekly 4 May 2017 Indian Railways
8 Tirupati–Jammu Tawi Humsafar Express 22705/22706 SCR Weekly 15 June 2017 Indian Railways
9 Howrah–Tirupati Humsafar Express 20889/20890 SER Weekly 17 June 2017 to Vijayawada, 24 February 2019 extended to Tirupati Indian Railways
10 Bhubaneswar–SMVT Bengaluru Humsafar Express 22833/22834 ECoR Weekly 13 July 2017 Indian Railways
11 Bandra Terminus–Saharsa Humsafar Express 22913/22914 WR Weekly 13 August 2017 Indian Railways
12 Udaipur City–Delhi Sarai Rohilla Rajasthan Humsafar Express 22985/22986 NWR Weekly 24 February 2018 Indian Railways
13 Udaipur City–Mysuru Palace Queen Humsafar Express 19667/19668 NWR Weekly 26 February 2018 Indian Railways
14 Champaran Humsafar Express 15705/15706 NFR Bi-weekly 10 April 2018 Indian Railways
15 Prayagraj–Anand Vihar Terminal Humsafar Express 22437/22438 NCR Tri-weekly 9 May 2018 Indian Railways
16 Indore–Puri Humsafar Express 20917/20918 WR Weekly 12 May 2018 Indian Railways
17 Bhagat Ki Kothi–Thiruchchirappalli Humsafar Express[5][6] 20481/20482 NWR Weekly 14 May 2018 Indian Railways
18 Lingampalli–Indore Humsafar Express 20915/20916 WR Weekly 27 May 2018 Indian Railways
19 Bandra Terminus–Bhagat Ki Kothi Humsafar Express 20943/20944 WR Weekly 2 June 2018 Indian Railways
20 Sealdah–Jammu Tawi Humsafar Express 22317/22318 ER Weekly 3 July 2018 Indian Railways
21 Tirunelveli–Gandhidham Humsafar Express[5] 20923/20924 WR Weekly 8 July 2018 Indian Railways
22 Jabalpur–Santragachi Humsafar Express 20827/20828 SER Weekly 1 August 2018 Indian Railways
23 Santragachi–Pune Humsafar Express 20821/20822 SER Weekly 11 August 2018 Indian Railways
24 Firozpur –Rameswaram Humsafar Express 20497/20498 NR Weekly 27 September 2018 Recently extended till firozpur from ajmer (07/10/2023) Indian Railways
25 Hazur Sahib Nanded–Jammu Tawi Humsafar Express 12751/12752 SCR Weekly 5 October 2018 Indian Railways
26 Udaipur City–Patliputra Humsafar Express 19669/19670 NWR Weekly 5 October 2018 Indian Railways
27 Pune–Habibganj Humsafar Express 22171/22172 WCR Weekly 6 October 2018 Indian Railways
28 Santragachi–Habibganj Humsafar Express 22169/22170 WCR Weekly 10 October 2018 Indian Railways
29 Kochuveli–SMVT Bengaluru Humsafar Express 16319/16320 SR Bi-weekly 20 October 2018 Indian Railways
30 Madhupur–Anand Vihar Terminal Humsafar Express 12235/12236 NR Weekly 15 February 2019 Indian Railways
31 Pune–Ajni Humsafar Express 22139/22140 CR Weekly 16 February 2019 Indian Railways
32 Patna–SMVT Bengaluru Humsafar Express 22353/22354 ECR Weekly 2 March 2019 Indian Railways
33 Pune–Nagpur Humsafar Express 22141/22142 CR Weekly 3 March 2019 Indian Railways
34 Bandra Terminus–Jamnagar Humsafar Express 22923/22924 WR Tri-weekly 4 March 2019 Indian Railways
35 Prayagraj–New Delhi Humsafar Express 12275/12276 NCR Four times a week 13 September 2019 Indian Railways
36 Baba Baidyanath Dham Deoghar Humsafar Express 22459/22460 NR Weekly 14 January 2020 Indian Railways
37 Bandra Terminus–Gorakhpur Humsafar Express 19091/19092 WR Weekly 1 March 2021 Indian Railways
38 Godda–New Delhi Humsafar Express 12349/12350 ER Weekly 8 April 2021 Indian Railways
39 Bandra Terminus–Barmer Humsafar Express 12997/12998 WR Weekly 3 January 2024 Indian Railways
40 Barmer–Bandra Terminus Humsafar Express 19010/19009 WR Weekly 6 January 2024 Indian Railways

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