Humsafar Express

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Humsafar Express
Humsafar exp at Kamakhya Jn.jpg
Humsafar Express at Kamakhya Jn
First service16 December 2016; 2 years ago (2016-12-16)
Current operator(s)Indian Railways
On-board services
Seating arrangementsYes
Sleeping arrangementsYes
Catering facilitiesOn-board catering
Vending Machines
Observation facilitiesLarge windows in all carriages
Entertainment facilitiesReading Lights
Electric & USB outlets
Baggage facilitiesUnderseat
Other facilitiesSmoke alarms
CCTV cameras
Baby changing table
Odour control system
Passenger information system
Rolling stockLHB rake
Track gaugeIndian Gauge
1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)
Track owner(s)Indian Railways

Humsafar Express is a fully AC 3-tier service with all the modern facilities designed and operated by Indian Railways. Its services include long haul routes. The first service was inaugurated on 16 December 2016 between Gorakhpur and Anand Vihar, (New Delhi). The fares of Humsafar Express at the time of launch are around 15-20% higher compared to normal AC-3 tier trains.


  • Railways has added a Changing table for babies in the toilet.
  • Vending machines are installed for tea, coffee & milk.
  • 110V DC electric ports and USB ports are provided for each passenger.
  • Reading lights for each passenger.
  • More comfortable berths than the previous 3-tier AC sleeper rakes.
  • Seat-number stickers are braille-integrated.
  • Each compartment has Bio-toilets fitted for proper disposal of human waste.
  • The exterior of coaches has a futuristic look with the use of Vinyl sheets.
  • GPS based passenger information system at each end of the coach to display speed & station information on LED displays with voice announcements.
  • Compartments are equipped with smoke alarms and CCTV cameras to enhance passenger security.
  • Heating chamber and refrigerating box are installed in each coach to preserve the food that was brought from home by the passengers.
  • Curtains to maintain privacy and a dustbin to maintain cleanliness is provided in each cabin.
  • Each coach has three odour control systems fitted across the aisle.
  • Khadi bedrolls are provided.[1]

Active Services[edit]

Sr. No. Train Name Train No. Zone Frequency
1 Madhupur - Anand Vihar Terminal Humsafar Express 12235/12236 NR Weekly
2 Gorakhpur - Anand Vihar Terminal Humsafar Express (Via Barhni) 12571/12572 NER Four times a week
3 Gorakhpur - Anand Vihar Terminal Humsafar Express (Via Basti) 12595/12596 NER Tri-weekly
4 Bangalore Cantonment - Agartala Humsafar Express 12503/12504 NFR Bi-weekly
5 Kathihar - Delhi Junction Humsafar Express 15705/15706 NFR Bi-weekly
6 Allahabad - Anand Vihar Terminal Humsafar Express 22437/22438 NCR Tri-weekly
7 Howrah - Tirupati Humsafar Express 20889/20890 SER Weekly
8 Durg - Hazrat Nizamuddin Humsafar Express 22867/22868 SECR Bi-weekly
9 Tirupati - Jammu Tawi Humsafar Express 22705/22706 SCoR Weekly
10 Bhubaneswar - Krishnarajapuram Humsafar Express 22833/22834 ECoR Weekly
11 Sealdah - Jammu Tawi Humsafar Express 22317/22318 ER Weekly
12 Howrah - Yesvantpur Humsafar Express 22887/22888 SER Weekly
13 Jabalpur - Santragachi Humsafar Express 20827/20828 SER Weekly
14 Santragachi - Pune Humsafar Express 20821/20822 SER Weekly
15 Hazur Sahib Nanded - Jammu Tawi Humsafar Express 12751/12752 SCR Weekly
16 Pune - Ajni Humsafar Express 22139/22140 CR Weekly
17 Patna - Banaswadi Humsafar Express 22353/22354 ECR Weekly
18 Pune - Nagpur Humsafar Express 11417/11418 CR Weekly
19 Kochuveli - Banaswadi Humsafar Express[2] 16319/16320 SR Bi-weekly
20 Santragachi - Habibganj Humsafar Express 22169/22170 WCR Weekly
21 Pune - Habibganj Humsafar Express 22171/22172 WCR Weekly
22 Indore - Puri Humsafar Express 19317/19318 WR Weekly
23 Lingampalli - Indore Humsafar Express 19315/19316 WR Weekly
24 Chennai - Ahmedabad Humsafar Express 22919/22920 WR Weekly
25 Tirunelveli - Gandhidham Humsafar Express[3] 19423/19424 WR Weekly
26 Bandra Terminus - Saharsa Humsafar Express 22913/22914 WR Weekly
27 Bandra Terminus - Jamnagar Humsafar Express 22923/22924 WR Tri-weekly
28 Bandra Terminus - Bhagat Ki Kothi Humsafar Express 19043/19044 WR Weekly
29 Ajmer - Rameswaram Humsafar Express 19603/19604 NWR Weekly
30 Bhagat Ki Kothi - Tambaram Humsafar Express[3][4] 14815/14816 NWR Weekly
31 Udaipur City - Mysuru Humsafar Express 19667/19668 NWR Weekly
32 Udaipur City - Patliputra Humsafar Express 19669/19670 NWR Weekly
33 Udaipur City - Delhi Sarai Rohilla Humsafar Express 22985/22986 NWR Weekly
34 Sri Ganganagar - Tiruchirappalli Humsafar Express 22497/22498 NWR Weekly


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