Hunderfossen Familiepark

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Hunderfossen Familiepark
Hunderfossen - Trollet.JPG
Troll The giant troll at Hunderfossen, Lillehammer
Location Lillehammer, Norway
Opened 1984 (1984)

Coordinates: 61°13′27.26″N 10°25′41.73″E / 61.2242389°N 10.4282583°E / 61.2242389; 10.4282583

Eventyrslottet (The Fairy Tale castle) in Hunderfossen

Hunderfossen Familiepark is an amusement park north of Lillehammer in the province of Oppland in Norway.

The park is one of Norway's biggest tourist attractions, with over 275,000 visitors each summer. It also has a Winter Park which opens from February to mid-March. The park was founded in 1984, and currently has more than 60 attractions.

The park was featured in an episode of the Netflix original series Lilyhammer (Season 1, Episode 8: "Trolls").

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