Hundred-Dollar Baby

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Hundred-dollar Baby
First edition
Author Robert B. Parker
Country United States
Language English
Series Spenser
Genre Detective novel
Publisher Putnam Adult
Publication date
Media type Print (hardback & paperback) and Audio CD
Pages 320 pp
ISBN 0-399-15376-4
OCLC 70483445
813/.54 22
LC Class PS3566.A686 H86 2006
Preceded by School Days
Followed by Now and Then

Hundred-Dollar Baby is the 34th Spenser novel by Robert B. Parker. The novel was also alternatively titled, Dream Girl ISBN 1-84243-186-2.[citation needed] The story follows Boston-based PI Spenser as he tries to help an old runaway prostitute he helped several years earlier, April Kyle.


April Kyle appears in Spenser's office after several years without any contact. She's been put in charge of a new upscale brothel by her mentor, the madame Patricia Utley. She says she's being harassed by someone who wants her to pay an extraordinary protection fee. Thugs appear and scare off her customers. Spenser and Hawk manage to fend off the thugs, but things are not as they seem as soon as Spenser starts asking questions. April begs him to stop investigating, but, Spenser being Spenser, can't stop until he unravels the mystery. What surfaces is a web of deceit, greed and the fragile psyche of April Kyle.

Recurring characters[edit]

  • Spenser
  • Hawk
  • April Kyle
  • Dr. Susan Silverman, Ph.D
  • Cpt. Martin Quirk, Boston Police Department
  • Sgt. Frank Belson, Boston Police Department
  • Teddy Sapp
  • Patricia Utley
  • Tony Marcus
    • Leonard
    • Ty-Bop
    • Junior

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