Hundred Flower Pond

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Hundred Flower Pond
Hundred flower pond 2017 02.jpg
Hundred Flower Pond seen from the SW corner.
LocationJinan, Shandong
Coordinates36°40′15.20″N 117°1′6.67″E / 36.6708889°N 117.0185194°E / 36.6708889; 117.0185194Coordinates: 36°40′15.20″N 117°1′6.67″E / 36.6708889°N 117.0185194°E / 36.6708889; 117.0185194
Primary outflowsDaming Lake
Basin countriesChina

The Hundred Flower Pond (Chinese: ; pinyin: Bǎihuā Zhōu also Chinese: ; pinyin: Bǎihuā Tīng or Chinese: ; pinyin: Bǎihuā Chí) is a small artificial lake in the historical center of the City of Jinan, Shandong Province, China. It is located east of the northern end of Qushuiting Street and south of Daming Lake Road.

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