Hundred of Cultana

Coordinates: 32°54′S 137°38′E / 32.90°S 137.64°E / -32.90; 137.64
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South Australia
Cultana is located in South Australia
Coordinates32°54′S 137°38′E / 32.90°S 137.64°E / -32.90; 137.64
Established28 October 1940
Area289 km2 (111.6 sq mi)
Lands administrative divisions around Cultana:
Pastoral unincorporated Jenkins Spencer Gulf
Pastoral unincorporated Cultana Spencer Gulf
Randell Randell Spencer Gulf

The Hundred of Cultana is a cadastral unit of hundred located on the upper Eyre Peninsula in South Australia just north of Whyalla.[1] It is one of the seven Hundreds of the County of York.[2] It was proclaimed in 1940 by Governor Malcolm Barclay-Harvey and named for a Cultana Hill, the term Cultana deriving from a local indigenous term.[1][3]

The following localities and towns of the Whyalla Council area are situated inside (or largely inside) the bounds of the Hundred of Cultana:

The historic locality of Cultana (at the intersection of the Lincoln Highway and Point Lowly Road) is centred in the west half of the bounds of the hundred but is located outside the modern bounded locality of Cultana.

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